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The Service Terms and Conditions in this Section apply to TELUS Business Connect services specified in the “Services Summary” section of this agreement (“TELUS Business Connect Services”).

1.0 TELUS Business Connect

General Description

TELUS Business Connect Services are voice communication services provided over the Internet Protocol (“ VoIP Services”) that offer an array of business communication features. They also enable you to manage calls, send and receive text messages, and set up call routing across multiple devices. Audio and video conferencing is available for TELUS Business Connect’s Enhanced, Complete and Complete Plus editions.

Product Details

TELUS Business Connect Services include the following features and services for both the TELUS Business Connect Mobile edition and the TELUS Business Connect Enhanced, Complete and Complete Plus editions summarized below. Our online Service Terms provide further details on the specific service attributes for your service, as follows:

TELUS Business Connect Mobile service enables you to connect and collaborate from anywhere that you can connect to the Internet or your mobile network, just like you are at the office. Talk; send and receive text messages; join audio and video conferences; and view your contacts.

TELUS Business Connect Enhanced, Complete and Complete Plus includes all services outlined in the TELUS Business Connect Mobile service plus other features, such as a desk phone, IP fax, and hosting audio and video conferencing, which enables collaboration with 4 to 50 participants across different locations in high-definition and audio.

For all TELUS Business Connect services, VoIP Services are provided by connecting an IP telephony device or application running on a personal computer to the Internet, or by using an application running on your mobile device with Internet access up to the public switched telephone network (“PSTN”) using one of the following:

a) TELUS IP-Networks connectivity; b) Internet; or c) existing TELUS business Centrex and individual Business Line services.

VoIP Services include a self-managed web portal that enables you to administer certain aspects of your telephony solution. Other aspects of your telephony solution may be managed or performed by us at additional costs.

A non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable license and right to use each VoIP phone line will be provided for one individual user under your account, subject to all terms and conditions of the agreement. If you want to allow multiple users to use TELUS Business Connect Services, you will need to purchase at least one VoIP phone line for each user.

Online Service Terms

Additional product details and terms and conditions about the TELUS Business Connect Services are located online at
(the “Online Service Terms”). Please refer to this online site for TELUS’ and your commitments for this service. These Service Terms (including the Online Service Terms), together with the General Terms and the rest of the Communication Services Agreement, and TELUS’ Privacy Commitment (found at
), constitute the entire agreement between you and us with respect to the TELUS Business Connect Services and are collectively referred to hereunder as the “Agreement”.

You acknowledge and agree that, from time to time, TELUS may amend the Online Service Terms in its sole and absolute discretion, and if TELUS does so, TELUS will post the amended Online Service terms on its website. Your continued use and enjoyment of the Business Connect Services after any amendment of the Online Service Terms shall be deemed to constitute your acceptance of such amended Online Service Terms.

You may be eligible to receive bundled pricing if you subscribe to multiple TELUS services at the same time and you meet certain other qualifications which you can discuss with your TELUS representative. The bundled pricing will appear on your monthly before applicable taxes. If you: (i) no longer subscribe to multiple TELUS services at the same time such that your services are unbundled, or (ii) you otherwise no longer meet the qualifications to receive the bundled price, TELUS reserves the right to increase the rate plan at any time without notice to you to the then current in-market pricing unbundled pricing, available on

Service Cancellation Charges

When a TELUS Business Connect Service is cancelled, TELUS calculates the service cancellation charge payable by you using the table below, based on the service period you selected for that service connection. The service cancellation charge is a percentage of the total fixed monthly charges remaining in the service period for that service connection after cancellation:

TELUS will waive the service cancellation charge if you replace the cancelled service connection with another TELUS service with total fixed monthly charges greater than the total fixed monthly charges remaining in the service period for the cancelled service connection.

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