Online billing with Bill Analyzer

Manage billing & payments online for all your TELUS Business accounts

With TELUS Bill Analyzer, you can turn off your paper bills and get all the benefits of a consistent online experience for all your business billing and payment needs, all in one convenient location.

Why should I turn off paper bills?

  • Minimise your environmental impact

  • Save time and enjoy the clutter-free convenience of less paper

  • Receive email notifications when your bill is available to view in Bill Analyzer

  • Opt to get your bills delivered straight to your inbox, avoiding mailing delays

  • Access billing information anytime, anywhere – on your smartphone, tablet or laptop

  • Enjoy secure online billing archives of your statements, summary and detailed reports, and pdf copies of your print bill

  • Choose to download your current and historical bills in .pdf, .csv or .xml formats, with more information than your paper bills

After you enroll to receive your bill online, you will no longer receive paper bills in the mail.

Ready to make the switch?

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TELUS Bill Analyzer: How to go Paperless

Setup Bill Notifications

See how to customise your bill notifications

TELUS Bill Analyzer: Ordering a Statement

Looking for other ways to reduce your carbon footprint?

Pay all your accounts quickly and easily online, separately or as a single payment, and store encrypted payment details to make repeated payments easy to manage.

TELUS Bill Analyzer: How to Submit Online Payments

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