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Galaxy XCover6 Pro

Experience the Samsung Galaxy XCover6 Pro on our award-winning network.
Memory options: 128 GB
Colour options: Black

Water resistant design

The Samsung Galaxy XCover6 Pro has a durable and water-resistant design that withstands drops and spills. It has a moisture resistant screen that responds to even wet gloves.

Long lasting battery

Join meetings without worrying about low battery. The Galaxy XCover6 Pro has an all-day battery life and with fast charging you are good to go in no time.

Sensitive Touchscreen

Galaxy XCover6 Pro has a touchscreen with increased touch sensitivity that picks up the slightest finger pressure, so you can work where its wet, damp or humid.

Expand your display

With the Samsung DeX feature you can simply connect your Galaxy XCover6 Pro to another screen, like your PC and get a larger display.