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Mobile Internet for Business

Backup your business internet with Mobile Internet & devices

Keep your business connected with high speed Mobile Internet service on our award-winning network.

High speed internet access

TELUS is building on our 4G and 5G award-winning network to bring customers better speeds, capacity and responsiveness.

Flexible plans & devices

Configure your plan for your business needs, tether your devices, and share high speed WiFi with your team.

Scaled data usage

Only pay for the data you use with our flexible data and rate plans.

A plan that adjusts to your data usage

Base rate - up to 100 MB

Starting from
/ month
Only pay for the data you use with our mobile internet plan. Data is not shareable.

Mobile high speeds

Plan adjusts to your monthly data usage

Tethering is available

EasyRoam rate applies

Scaled data plans after 100 MB limit

Your data resets to the base tier of $10 at the beginning of every month and will automatically adjust based on your data usage. Example: If 6 GB is used the first month, you will be charged $75. If you only use 40 MB the next month, you will only be charged the base rate of $10.

Cost based on data usage

Data usage


100MB-2 GB:


2-5 GB:


5-10 GB:


10-20 GB:


20-30 GB:


30-40 GB:


40-50 GB:


Mobile internet devices

Find the right mobile internet WiFi hotspot device and connect to the office anytime, anywhere.

ZTE Connect-Hub 5G

Upfront plus tax plus $20.00/mo with TELUS Easy Payment®234
Or $480 one time payment

Inseego MiFi M2000 5G Mobile Hotspot

Upfront plus tax plus $20.00/mo with TELUS Easy Payment®234
Or $480 one time payment

Other Plans

Smartphone Plans

Get unlimited data5 and never worry about data overages with our new Peace of Mind™ Plans.

Tablet plans

Save on plans that make it easy to work from anywhere.

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