Your IT, Fully Managed

Spending too much time fixing IT issues that should not be your job? With Fully Managed by TELUS Business, our experts manage your IT for you, so you can get back to doing what you do best.

Transform your business with managed IT solutions

Managed IT for your business
No matter the size of your business, our Managed IT services support your day-to-day IT needs including employee onboarding, email and password management, VPN connectivity, user permissions and more.
Make your organization cyber secure
Our complete range of cybersecurity services and in-house IT experts do the hard work to keep your organization and its data safe.
Two colleagues, working as help-desk support, wearing headsets, seated in front of computers
Access technology experts, where and when you need it
Our remote IT specialists will quickly resolve your urgent IT issues. If remote support isn’t an option, our trusted network of professionals can be deployed on-site to assist.
Take your business to the cloud
We help you move applications and data to the cloud for impactful cost savings, improved security, greater flexibility and anytime access to data.
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Plan and implement your strategic IT projects
Our Professional Services team will work with you to plan and execute your IT initiatives. Proactively monitor, manage and strategize your IT environment, ensuring they are on time and on budget.

Meet your new Virtual Chief Information Officer

Your virtual Chief Information Officer1 (CIO) creates customized roadmaps to help prioritize your business goals and IT objectives; all within your budget.
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Protecting against cyber threats: A guide for your small business

Discover the best practices and solutions to help you prioritize and protect your business against cyberattacks and data breaches.
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Welcome to a worry-free IT strategy

Leave IT to the experts and focus on your business

Worrying about IT issues can take up hours of your day and distract you from more important things. Now, you don't need to manage it yourself. Let us do it for you.
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Keep your business connected

When your IT fails, your business stops working. Our best-in-class solutions and processes eliminate network and IT downtime.
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IT that meets modern experience

Our self-serve FMX Digital Platform makes it easy to request assistance, manage your cases, and get powerful insights into your IT investments.
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Learn more about Fully Managed by TELUS Business

Which level of managed IT support is best for you?

Explore the breadth of features FM Elite and FM Pro has to offer and discover which option is best for your business needs.

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Benefits of outsourcing in a digital-first world

Debating if you should outsource your IT needs or manage it internally? Discover the differences between these approaches.

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Anti-virus is not enough, find out how to protect your business

With a rapidly-changing landscape of cybercriminal activity, learn more about our multi-layered, proactive approach to help keep your organization safe.

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