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Your IT, Fully Managed

Spending too much time fixing IT issues that should not be your job? With TELUS Fully Managed, our specialists manage your IT for you, so you can get back to doing what you do best.

Welcome to worry-free IT

24/7 support1

Proactive, consistent‌ and reliable IT management and support for your business.


Robust cybersecurity measures that protect your business even before threats arise.

Technology strategy

Tailored roadmaps that provide  scalable IT solutions to support your business goals.

Take IT issues off your to-do list

Three co-workers having a conversation in the office.
Managed IT for your business
We provide comprehensive support for a wide variety of day-to-day IT needs including managing user accounts, updating workstations, and maintaining servers, networks and Microsoft 365 services.
An open laptop displaying an icon of a globe and a lock.
Make your organization cyber secure
We offer a multi-layered approach to security to protect against cyber threats and data loss with the latest security tools, proactive monitoring and secure backups.
Two colleagues, working as help-desk support, wearing headsets, seated in front of computers
Access technology specialists, where and when you need it
We assist users with IT issues and requests to reduce time spent troubleshooting. Our diverse team of specialists can support 24/71 IT uptime and business continuity.
An individual sitting in a car, working from their smartphone. Three icons are visible; a clipboard, a bill and a computer monitor underneath a cloud.
Take your business to the cloud
We help assess, plan and modernize services in the cloud for impactful cost savings, enhanced capabilities, improved security and the ability to work from anywhere.
A group of colleagues meeting informally, mix of standing up and sitting down, in an office with high ceilings and large windows
Plan and implement your strategic IT projects
Our Virtual CIO (vCIO) team works with customers to develop business-aligned IT strategies that help drive impact and get a higher return on IT investment.

Meet your new Virtual Chief Information Officer

Your Virtual Chief Information Officer2 (CIO) will diagnose your IT challenges, work to get your business on one of the most superior technology platforms and tailor a roadmap to help support your business goals.
Man (Virtual CIO) wearing glasses, smiling, with arms folded

Protecting against cyber threats: A guide for your small business

Discover the best practices and solutions to help you prioritize and protect your business against cyberattacks and data breaches.
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Learn more about TELUS Fully Managed

Building a scalable and resilient IT infrastructure

Learn how FrontWell Capital Partners was able to reduce server count by 50% by partnering with TELUS Fully Managed.
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Benefits of outsourcing in a digital-first world

Debating if you should outsource your IT needs or manage it internally? Partner with TELUS Fully Managed to help you modernize your IT operations.
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Antivirus is not enough, find out how to protect your business

With a rapidly-changing landscape of cybercriminal activity, learn more about our multi-layered, proactive approach to help keep your organization safe.
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