Your Legal IT, Fully Managed

Spending too much time fixing IT issues that should not be your job? With TELUS Fully Managed, our experienced legal specialists manage your IT for you, so you can run your law firm more efficiently.

Legal IT expertise

Experienced IT support for law firms, with professional and timely assistance

Tailored IT solutions

Online and on-site support for industry-specific technologies and applications

Data security

Robust cybersecurity measures to help protect your clients' data and prevent cyberattacks

Take IT issues off your to-do list

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Managed IT for your law firm

Comprehensive support for a wide variety of day-to-day IT needs

Managing user accounts, updating workstations and maintaining servers, networks and Microsoft 365 services.

Overcome challenges and run daily applications

We provide the technical guidance to help you set up and maintain the programs you need with ease, with a swift response from our team in case issues arise.

Create and implement convenient backup strategies and routines

From automated backups and folder synchronization, and even manual backup, our plans incorporate tailored methods to support reliable and convenient processes.

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Help keep your clients’ data secure

Commitment to security

Legal applications require strict security protocols and we’re prepared to meet your regulatory requirements. Keeping your clients’ data safe with proactive cybersecurity monitoring is our top priority.

Deploying the latest security tools

We strive to stay one step ahead of bad actors by deploying cutting-edge security tools and techniques to help safeguard your databases and ensure they remain accessible, with a solid backup strategy.

Proactive monitoring and secure access

Our device ecosystems are protected by state-of-the-art security features such as multi-factor authentication and unique IDs to give firms more control over who has access to files and applications.

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Technology strategy for legal needs

Plan and implement your strategic IT projects

By building a comprehensive roadmap, we help law firms develop and implement technology strategies that meet both present and future needs.

Meet your new Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO)

We provide law firms with a dedicated vCIO who will oversee every aspect of your technology strategy, helping minimize guesswork, errors and downtime and promote productivity, security and efficiency.

Enhance the flexibility and scalability of your existing technologies

We offer recommendations on how to increase efficiency and minimize costs to your firm’s existing infrastructure, instead of acquiring fragmented technologies that may not be a fit.

A woman standing in an office holding a tablet.

Protecting against cyber threats: A guide for your law firm

Learn about the evolving cybersecurity landscape and get actionable strategies to protect your firm, clients and staff against cyber threats.

Run your firm safely in the cloud

“Adopting cloud solutions enables law firms to work better remotely, but it can also increase cyber risks. Having the right measures in place to help protect your data should be a top priority.”
Brian Mauch
Brian Mauch
Specialist in legal tech and member of the TELUS Business team


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