# Stand With Owners

Meet our 5 grand prize winners

Thousands applied to our search for groundbreaking, growth-minded, game-changing business owners, and for their chance to win $125,000 in funding, advertising, and technology to fuel their business growth.

From the 20 finalists announced on September 27, we have chosen our 5 grand prize winners.

Meet our grand prize winners

#StandWithOwners grand prize winner - AquaVerti Farms

Georges Aczam & Stephen Moss

Owners, AquaVerti Farms Inc.
Montréal, QC
AquaVerti specializes in the cultivation of hydroponic vegetables and is the only vertical hydroponic farm with commercial production capacity in Quebec.

#StandWithOwners grand prize winner - Cedar Valley

Ameen & Surria Fadel

Owners, Cedar Valley
Oldcastle, ON
A mother-son duo created Cedar Valley Selections, a product line consisting of fattoush salad dressing and authentic Lebanese-style pita chips.
#StandWithOwners grand prize winner - Hoot Reading

Maya Kotecha & Carly Shuler

Owners, Hoot Reading
Winnipeg, MB
Hoot Reading is dedicated to changing children’s lives through literacy. This Winnipeg-based social enterprise has delivered over 250,000 evidence-based reading lessons by qualified teachers.
#StandWithOwners grand prize winner - Omy Laboratoires

Rachelle Séguin & Andrea Gomez

Owners, Omy Laboratoires
Québec, QC
Omy Laboratoires is a custom dermocosmetics company that offers fresh and personalized products that meet the needs of those neglected by the cosmetic industry.
#StandWithOwners grand prize winner - VodaSafe Inc.

Carlyn Loncaric

Owner, VodaSafe Inc.
Vancouver, BC
Vodasafe Inc. makes a hand-held sonar device called AquaEye that uses AI to quickly locate people underwater, revolutionizing the way rescuers do their job.

Meet our finalists

#StandWithOwners Finalist - Agence Spatiale

Yannick Badeau, Étienne Bernier & Marianne Charbonneau

Co-owners, Agence Spatiale
Québec, QC
Agence Spatiale is a design firm that brings together various disciplines such as architecture, art, interior design, product design, branding, and urban planning in one space.
#StandWithOwners Finalist - Asign

Brenda Jenkins, Roxanne Whiting & Candice Presley

Owners, Asign
Ottawa, ON
Asign Inc. is Canada’s leading expert in sign language interpreting and translation services both in-person and via video and provide services to all levels of government, business  legal and community settings.

#StandWithOwners Finalist - Booch Organic Kombucha

Shannon Kamins

Owner, Booch Organic Kombucha
London, ON
Booch is one of the most recognizable kombucha brands in Ontario and can be found in over 1,000 retailers across the country including Metro, Sobey’s and Food Basics.
#StandWithOwners Finalist - Croptracker

Matt Deir

Owner, Croptracker, Inc.
Kingston, ON
Croptracker is a software company that allows fruit producers to keep track of administrative and regulatory tasks within their orchard.
#StandWithOwners Finalist - Daily Blends AI

Shriya & Purva Gupta

Owners, Daily Blends AI
Toronto, ON
Founded by sisters Shirya & Purva Gupta, Daily Blends is a technology-focused company in the food industry that specializes in AI-powered vending machines.
#StandWithOwners Finalist - Good Neighbour Brewing Company

Morgan Wielgosz & Amber Sarraillon

Owners, Good Neighbour Brewing Company
Winnipeg, MB
Good Neighbour Brewing Co is the only all-female and 2SLGBTQ+ owned brewery in Winnipeg challenging the industry norm and hoping to make space for all in the world of craft beer.
#StandWithOwners Finalist - Indigenous Box

Mallory & Kham Yawnghwe

Owners, Indigenous Box
Edmonton, AB
Indigenous Box is a socially impactful subscription box and gift service that procures products from emerging and established Indigenous businesses and creators.
#StandWithOwners Finalist - Liftwerx Solutions Inc.

Joshua Rauchwerger & Glen Aitken

Co-owners, Liftwerx Solutions Inc.
Cambridge, ON
Liftwerx Solutions provides unique up-tower lifting devices that are simpler, more cost efficient, safer and cleaner than traditional methods of fixing wind turbines.
#StandWithOwners Finalist - Moov AI

Olivier Blais, Dominic Danis & Guillaume Petitclerc

Owners, Moov AI
Montréal, QC
Moov AI offers a range of specialized AI and data monetization services as well as strategic consulting, training and ongoing support.
#StandWithOwners Finalist - MoveMate

William Preudhomme & Lucas Francioli

Owners, MoveMate
Toronto, ON
MoveMate makes it easy for people to book a move in under 3 minutes by providing a platform that connects customers to a variety of affiliate moving service providers all at a fair price.
#StandWithOwners Finalist - Quill Inc.

Fatima Zaidi

Owner, Quill Inc.
Toronto, ON
Quill Inc. is an award-winning, Toronto-based podcasting agency that produces podcasts for enterprise-level brands that are looking for content that achieves maximum impact and results.
#StandWithOwners Finalist - RainStick Shower

Alisha & Sean McFetridge

Owners, RainStick Shower
Okanagan, BC
RainStick addresses water and energy waste in the home. RainStick is a proprietary shower technology that saves up to 80% water and 80% energy while providing 2X the flow rate.
#StandWithOwners Finalist - Regitex

Kathrine Mathieu & Lisa Fecteau

Owners, Régitex
Saint-Joseph, QC
Régitex is the only independent technical spinner in North America, recognized for their personalized service and distinctive expertise in technical threads used in the composition of personal protective uniforms in filtration, aerospace, and other technical applications.
#StandWithOwners Finalist - Spotwork

Darren Perlman & Daniel Copeland

Owners, Spotwork
Toronto, ON
Spotwork is a staffing and recruitment company created after seeing the challenges faced by marginalized employees looking for jobs, and the costs for employers looking to fill a role.
#StandWithOwners Finalist - Valley Bath & Kitchen

Ravi Beech

Co-owner, Valley Bath & Kitchen
Mission, BC
Valley Bath & Kitchen is a 100% female-owned, environmentally friendly Canadian manufacturer of bath fixtures. They specialize in crafting high-quality bathtubs, shower bases and basins from raw materials.

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