Enhance your business with our award-winning network

Discover a network built for superior performance, helping your business thrive with increased speed and reliability.

5G gives businesses the ability to thrive in a digital world

Quickly share and transfer your business data

5G will provide blazing-fast speeds plus exceptional covereage and reliability. Connection speeds will continue to increase as our 5G network evolves.

Run your business in real-time from anywhere

Over time, 5G will bring near instant responsiveness (low latency), enabling applications such as smart manufacturing, precision monitoring, and autonomous fleet management.

Stay connected to more devices, people and teams

We will live in a world with more connected technology to support your business. 5G brings enhanced network capacity and will support up to 10x more devices per sq KM than 4G LTE.

Expanding our 5G network in Canada

TELUS 5G is available in 81 markets across Canada, including Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton and more. We continue to expand our 5G coverage as our technology evolves.

5G is changing the way we do business

TELUS 5G is set to revolutionize where we work and how we innovate. We have an award-winning network, bringing your business faster speeds, higher capacity and quicker responsiveness.

Get Business Plans with 5G speeds

Unlimited 5G/5G+ for Business plans offer unlimited data to save owners time and money. Plus, support your team's physical and mental health with TELUS Health Virtual Care, now included in smartphone plans.

Power your business

From the latest devices and 5G optimized plans to the fastest internet connections, TELUS 5G will help your business grow & compete.

Enhance your operations

Beyond helping improve 5G wireless capacity and speeds, TELUS PureFibre's fast, always consistent connection forms the foundation of a connected, future friendly home.

How 5G will help your business tomorrow

5G’s Impact explained: Eros Spadotto

TELUS Talks Host Tamara Taggart speaks with Eros Spadotto, Executive VP of Technology Strategy and Business Transformation at TELUS, about how 5G will transform our lives.

Learn how 5G technology will continue to transform Canadian businesses, through conversations with industry experts.

Demystifying 5G

Interested in learning more about 5G and what the TELUS 5G network can do for you, your business and the Canadian economy?

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