Accelerate detection and response to security threats

Advanced monitoring and analytics to measure, manage and reduce the threat surface of your network and associated infrastructure.

Managed Detection & Response

TELUS Managed Detection and Response offers threat hunting, artificial intelligence (AI), and 24/7 security monitoring capabilities to accelerate the detection of known and unknown cyber security threats.

Key Features

  • Integrates with your existing IT operations

  • Maximizes your security investment and expected outcomes

  • Provides immediate results with simple and quick deployment

MDR Service

The MDR service analyzes data on your network and runs continuous analytics to identify known-bad as well as anomalous system and network activity while measuring the shape, size and behaviour of your network – all presented to your team in a rich, intuitive view. It also includes built-in data enrichment capabilities, reducing false-positives while helping to provide the context needed to understand what is happening on your network – deep insight without the noise.

Incident Detection and Remediation

Strengthen the resilience of your IT network. Managed Detection and Response identifies suspicious/malicious threat actor behaviour and allows your team to quickly obtain data for remedial action.

Threat Surface Measurement

Access and review network, endpoint, application data points and cloud services such as Office365, MS Azure and AWS to identify attacker-accessible assets. IT Asset enumeration: Identify and track systems on your network.

Threat Surface Minimization

Easily compare security posture reporting against key mitigation measures like the Communications Security Establishment’s Top 10 IT Security Actions, Australian Signals Directorate’s Essential 8, the SANS 20 Critical Security Controls, etc.

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Check out additional resources, including articles, a webinar with our security experts and the IDC Technology Spotlight report to learn how MDR can help take your security posture to the next level.

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