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Managed Wi‑Fi

Offer the reliability and speed even the most demanding road warrior, mobile worker, movie watcher, or gamer could want.

Intello is now part of the TELUS Business family

Intello is now part of the TELUS Business family, providing industry leading technology solutions to hotels across Canada.

Why choose TELUS Managed Wi-Fi?

Offer your guests an always consistent, seamless, property-wide Wi-Fi connection.

Multiple users

Multiple guests in the same room can simultaneously use high bandwidth applications like video streaming, working via a VPN, and gaming over a connection that will never slow down, even during peak hours.

Personal area networking

With personal area networking (PAN), the devices in a guest room can securely communicate with one another. PAN includes the Managed Wi-Fi service, and enables casting, the use of smart building features, and more.

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Hospitality Overview

Get advanced technology to help you gain a competitive edge and meet guest expectations.

Guest TV

A variety of HD channels, plus streaming and casting integration to delight your guests.

Managed Internet

Avoid competing with guests for the speed you need to run your business.

24/7 Help Desk

Give staff and guests 24/7 tech support with TELUS hospitality solutions.

Need a hand?

Our business specialists are ready to help you make the right decisions for your business.