Make impactful decisions with real-world insights.

Discover how mass-movement patterns and trends can improve decision-making, tactics and outcomes in your sector.

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TELUS Insights

Leverage secured, de-identified and aggregated mobility analytics to learn more about mass-movement patterns and trends that affect your sector – all protected by industry-leading privacy safeguards.

Key benefits

  • Get customized insights showing regional population trends

  • Retrieve sector-specific insights through an API, reports and more

  • Trust our award-winning Privacy by Design standards

How TELUS Insights supports your sector

Secure data

We developed award-winning privacy standards to de-identify and protect all data.

First-party data

We leverage Canada’s most-awarded network, and up to 13M+ connected devices.

Accurate data

We analyze data with high-temporal accuracy and outcomes.

Scalable data

We offer micro to macro premium data sets that are accessible as far back as 2019.

Big data analytics deliver better outcomes in your sector

Transit and traffic (ITS)

Learn how TransLink improved their transit system by analyzing regional traffic trends.

  • Solve traffic congestion by analyzing traffic volume by time and area

  • Mitigate accidents and events by validating high-traffic routes and behaviours

  • Optimize transit routes and times by assessing commuting patterns

Economic development

Study how Revelstoke, B.C. improved their local economic market by studying their local tourism trends.

  • Understand economic leakage by measuring commute patterns and trends

  • Plan housing and infrastructure developments by measuring seasonal population changes

  • Validate and drive policy decisions based on regional population movements

Public health

Discover how to mitigate community outbreaks by observing local mass-movement patterns.

  • Decrease the risk of virus spread by analyzing congregation hot spots 

  • Refine response plans by modeling scenario outcomes with historical trend data

  • Validate safety measures by assessing social distancing and essential travel

Emergency response

Explore how Surrey, B.C improved community safety by analyzing congregation spots and visitor analytics.

  • Protect workers and residents by measuring population against available resources

  • Optimize first responder catchments by evaluating population changes to neighbourhoods

  • Improve public service announcements by observing demographic data to populated areas

How we deliver your results

There are 3 different types of product delivery methods:

Reoccuring Study

Review your results and other trends weekly, monthly or quarterly – you choose the frequency – on a user-friendly Business Intelligence Dashboard. Find data in one place.

Consulting Engagement

Tailor queries to questions you need answered by consulting our data scientists to customize reports and analysis, along with customized materials you can show to customers and investors.

API Product

Integrate our self-serve API – which runs off Google platforms – into your existing dashboards so you can request and access data at your own pace.

Discover better outcomes in finance, real estate, travel and other sectors.

"It is critical to have access to relevant, timely data about our resident population, the number of visitors to the area, and duration of their stay. This helps the City respond to needs and challenges that arise throughout the year."

Ingrid Bron — Director of Community Economic Development

City of Revelstoke, B.C.

TELUS program receives prestigious global privacy recognition

IAPP recognizes the TELUS Data for Good program for helping governments, health authorities and academic researchers make data-driven and policy decisions to lessen the spread of COVID-19.

Save the world – one data insight at a time

Learn more about how TELUS Insights can improve health care, city efficiencies and public health initiatives.

Tracking the coronavirus through data and protecting privacy

Darren Entwistle and Ann Cavoukian speak with the Financial Post on how data analytics can be leveraged to help flatten the coronavirus while ensuring the protection and de-identification of data.

More solutions with TELUS Insights

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

Layer intelligent solutions to build an open transportation system that offers data sets and real-world insight to improve transportation.

Smart City Solutions

Discover powerful data-driven intelligent and integrated solutions that enhance public safety, promote sustainability, and optimize operations – keeping a healthy community and budget.

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