United Boxing stays virtually connected to its members

Ontario · Jul 21, 2020

Geordan Thomas of United Boxing in Toronto

Website: https://www.unitedboxing.club/

Instagram: @unitedboxingclub

For owner Geordan Thomas and his members at United Boxing, losing access to their beloved gym made the first stages of this pandemic even harder to handle. But they’ve been fast to adapt with online classes, and looking forward, Geordan believes his client experience will be more personalized than ever. 

“Our industry has drastically shifted, but we see this in a good way. The value of human interaction is so much greater, and we’ll be able to offer a more personalized approach.” - Geordan Thomas, owner of United Boxing.

For Geordan, boxing’s always been more than a sport. 

“It’s helped me overcome many things in life,” says Thomas, who founded the gym just over four years ago. “I thought that having a club would be a great way to share my passion, and help others benefit through the sport and philosophy of boxing.”

A shift in mindset is exactly what’s needed right now, as people all over Canada explore new ways to stay active without access to their traditional gyms. United Boxing is catering to this shift by offering daily live virtual classes – part of a restructured approach that involved building a new online platform to reach more members. 

The gym has also maintained a very active Instagram account, posting at-home exercise tips, workouts-of-the-week, and training sessions on IG Live. 

In one way, United Boxing was uniquely prepared for this digital pivot. A few years ago, they launched their own app to help members explore classes, book sessions, and stay on top of the gym’s latest updates. The platform made it a lot easier to transition as virtual classes became the main event. 

For his members – and for Geordan, too – the online classes have provided some much needed structure at a time when the days can seem to blend together. “It’s a great way to stay positive, and know that there is a community out there I’m connected to even if I can’t see them.” 

Geordan knows a lot of people are struggling with physical and mental health at this time. But he hopes the sense of community offered at United Boxing provides support. 

“You’re not alone,” he says. “We’re all fighting this together and will come out stronger.” 

We’re already starting to see evidence of that. In late June, United Boxing was one of the first gyms in Toronto allowed to reopen under the new rules. And so the next round begins.  

Interested in boxing? Sign up for classes on the United Boxing website and follow their latest updates on Instagram.

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