Software platform Harbr helps construction teams adapt

Nova Scotia · Jul 14, 2020

Ashley Kielbratowski, David Kim and Jeff Kielbratowski of Harbr in Halifax
Long before the pandemic began, Ashley Kielbratowski was trying to move the construction industry into the digital age with her project management platform Harbr. Now, as companies urgently search for smarter and safer solutions to doing business, her product offering is more timely than ever. 

“We’re positioned strongly in the market and offer a service and technology that fits with the transitioning sector. Not much will change for us; we’re just staying focused and getting our software in front of as many people as possible.” - Ashley Kielbratowski, Co-owner of Harbr.

Few industries deal with as many moving parts as the construction business. But with the right approach, Ashley Kielbratowski— and co-founders David Kim and Jeff Kielbratowski— believe many of those logistical risks can be mitigated. “We started Harbr because we have a single belief that construction can be predicted,” says Ashley. 
Her team’s project performance software tracks a plethora of construction tasks and people, providing valuable insights and forecasts based on past and present projects. Simply put, it makes everything easier to track – and never has that kind of accountability been more important than during the COVID-19 crisis. 
The industry has certainly seen some projects slow down. But for the most part, it’s been a matter of changing how they do things. “The big shift is around non-essential site visits,” Ashley explains. “Typically, project managers are constantly on the move, driving or flying to different project locations. But now it’s shifted to more video conferencing and other digital means.” 
This rapid transformation plays right into Harbr’s hand, as companies behind the digital adoption curve are expediting software upgrades that weren’t a priority just months ago.  
Harbr’s development team has also responded by integrating new tools and features into the platform, including Zoom meetings for socially distanced collaboration. “Companies are looking for ways to change and improve,” she says. “And we’re here to help add value to their processes.”
Outside of work, Ashley is excited to resume some of her healthy habits – and to catch up with her favourite people. 
“I can’t wait to do a Pilates class at my favorite studio, R Studios in Halifax….and meeting friends for a bite to eat and a glass of wine at Bar Kismet.” 
She believes structure is more important than ever in our new normal. “Take time for yourself, whether you can get your work done in 6 hours or 16 hours, take proper breaks and do what makes you happy.”
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