Real Estate Developer adjusts to virtual collaboration

Saskatchewan · Jun 16, 2020

Josh Bresciani, owner of The Winchester Group in Regina


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There’s nothing like the magical synergy of collaboration; people get in a room together and the ideas start to spark. Josh Bresciani, owner of The Winchester Group, relied on this face-to-face process to create eco-friendly innovations for his commercial real estate business. But the pandemic shifted Bresciani’s business online, and it’s been a major adjustment to infuse virtual collaboration with real world energy.

“I miss personal, meaningful meetings and interactions with other people. A lot of my role is on the go and collaborating with others. I have been doing this all online now, but it’s just not as creative and intimate as I’d like.” – Josh Bresicani, owner of The Winchester Group.

Growing up in an entrepreneurial family, Josh Bresciani always dreamt of starting his own company. He saw the demands firsthand; the long days, the managing of personalities, and the never-ending stress. But he also saw the pride that goes into building something of your own, the culture it creates, and how it brings family together. That’s why he started The Winchester Group, a commercial real estate development company. While his upbringing gave him business foundations, his passion was to develop creative and environmentally friendly solutions. Bresciani has since built out several innovative projects including a tree protection program, a community space initiative called The Commons, and a vegan restaurant Güd Eats Inc. 

But when the pandemic struck, it threw a wrench in the day-to-day operations of The Winchester Group. Having built a company based on human interaction and the relationship building skills he learned from family, Bresciani had to rethink his entire approach to running the company. This meant moving all of his conversations online where it has been difficult to ignite that same spark. He says, “We stopped operations for a handful of weeks until we were able to educate ourselves on the pandemic and move our team all online.”

To save his business and keep his team employed, Bresciani had to adapt. Now he virtually connects with his network and has embraced online conferencing. This has affected the company culture, but The Winchester Group’s family values have persevered; showing the endurance of strong fundamentals in the face of new challenges.

Bresciani also realized that this is a great opportunity to re-evaluate his goals in business. If we take the time to get a better understanding of who we are, he believes we will come out stronger, more conscious and focused on the things that matter most. “Everything will get back to normal soon enough, but I have hope that it will be a more community focused, supportive and vibrant normal.”

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