Halifax tech company keeps the milk moving

Nova Scotia · Jul 7, 2020

Robert Forsythe and Jon King of Milk Moovement in Halifax
As grocery shelves lay bare across the country, the early days of the pandemic showed Canadians just how fragile our food supply chain truly is. Thankfully, entrepreneurs like Rob Forsythe and Jon King have invented tools like Milk Moovement to improve this system – a problem they identified years before it came into global focus.  

"We will continue to do what we’re doing because we solve many of the problems this pandemic has exposed – but we’ll go to the market more boldly, knowing how valuable our solution really is." - Robert Forsythe, co-owner of Milk Moovement.

Since launching in 2018, Halifax-based supply chain management platform Milk Moovement has helped hundreds of farmers, cooperatives, transporters and plants improve the fulfillment of dairy orders using their cloud-based software. 
"We started the business based on first-hand experience in the industry," explains Rob Forsythe, one of company’s co- founders. "We realized that aspects of the supply chain and transportation system needed to be disrupted."
Never has that been more clear than during the pandemic. The global domino-effect triggered by COVID-19 has shone a light on a problem that’s long required fixing. "Our industry has realized that its supply chains are much weaker than realized," Rob says. "We have work to do for the future to ensure that we always get the food people rely on into their hands, even during times of crises."
Milk Moovement is designed to do just that, providing actionable intelligence and real-time transportation tracking for an evolving dairy industry. Suffice to say, their product has experienced a recent surge in popularity – and their team has grown to its biggest size to-date. 
But Rob has been equally inspired by the resilience of so many other small businesses in less fortunate positions. "I’ve seen employees who are furloughed continue to work, for free, to ensure their business will survive the pandemic," he says. "It’s incredible to see and shows that often the passion that comes with working for a small business can outweigh a paycheck."
Like many of us, Rob says one of the hardest adjustments has been being away from his regular office – part of a large co-working space in Halifax. "I miss the chaos a bit now! But I don’t miss having so many in-person meetings and commuting across town for just one of them."
Office space aside, Rob is confident other entrepreneurs like himself will help create the solutions we desperately need during these challenging times. “I hope we realize, or remember, that small businesses are the backbone of the Canadian economy,” he says
"Entrepreneurs are the creative thinkers who can achieve the impossible."
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