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Nova Scotia · Jun 23, 2020

Lisa Haydon of Pivotal Coaching in Halifax


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Even at the top of the corporate ladder, leaders are turning to outside experts like Lisa Haydon to help navigate the organizational chaos wrought by COVID-19. The founder and president of Pivotal Coaching Inc. is using her decades of leadership experience to help high-powered clients come out of this pandemic even stronger. 

"The pandemic coaching model is not about the engagements, contracts or bank of hours. It’s about doing what you can to help teams work through this challenge and opportunity – which it is." - Lisa Haydon, owner of Pivotal Coaching.

As a highly sought-after executive business coach, Lisa Haydon has gotten a uniquely intimate look at the corporate – and emotional – struggles caused by this pandemic.   

"I’ve had a front row seat to what leaders are doing and dealing with. Leadership is lonely, noisy and hard work these days."

Three years ago, Lisa left a corporate leadership position to create Pivotal Coaching, working with clients to transform the potential of human capital through focused training sessions and diagnostic programs. But these days, she spends just as much time lending a friendly ear to C-Suite execs struggling with the wide-ranging implications of COVID-19.

"Being there when they need you is important. At times, it isn’t about a coaching meeting, but rather a conversation. Leaders need a safe place to be unfiltered."

Even as her clients grapple with the financial fallout of this pandemic, Lisa is bullish on the short-term future of executive coaching. "In the recovery phase, sales will be the most important financial measure to focus on," she says. "And sales leadership will be the sought-after service." 

Like all of us, this wasn’t exactly the 2020 Lisa had envisioned. "I was going to see the return on all my hard work, and go at an easier pace," she says. "But 2020 just had a whole lot more challenge thrown at it, and I’m tackling it."

She’s been inspired by the generosity and leadership of her clients and community – most notably when the Province of Nova Scotia wrote a $1 million cheque to support Feed Nova Scotia, an organization tackling food insecurity whose executive board Lisa sits on. 

"Nova Scotians continue to donate to Feed Nova Scotia and other charities even when they are experiencing their own financial impacts as a result of the pandemic."

She hopes all leaders of industry can find ways to embody the same spirit. "Leadership work has never been more important," she says. "Success will come from leveraging your networks, investing time with mentors, advisors, and successful leaders and knowing that disciplined hard work will always support success –  at any age."

Need a business coach? You can get in touch with Lisa by visiting the Pivotal Coaching website and follow them on Instagram.

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