veritree Co-Founder and Director of Innovation, Stephen Emsley, and TELUS Technology Strategy Manager, Devin Gannon, stand next to the ROOT (Realtime Observation Of Trees) System.


Global impact, local roots: TELUS, veritree and the power of technology

Feb 1, 2024

At TELUS, we believe that technology can be a force for good, driving positive change in our world. This commitment ladders up to our shared beliefs around social purpose, and it’s reflected in our dedicated efforts in nature restoration. We understand that our responsibility extends beyond providing connectivity solutions; it involves actively contributing to the well-being of our planet.

TELUS' role in nature restoration

As a leader in connectivity, we’re well positioned to support technology-driven nature restoration. Our commitment to nature restoration is deeply rooted in the understanding that connectivity is not just about linking devices; it's about fostering a connection between technology and the natural world. By leveraging our extensive network infrastructure, we can actively contribute to projects aimed at safeguarding the ecosystems and communities where we work and live.

Partnering with like-minded organizations

We take pride in collaborating with organizations such as veritree, pioneers in nature-based climate action. Their values closely align with ours, making this partnership an organic collaboration at the forefront of environmental stewardship.

A hand inserts a SIM card to connect to the TELUS network

A history of successful collaboration

In 2023, we donated 250 mobile devices to veritree’s planting partners and communities worldwide. These TELUS smartphones play a crucial role in collecting essential data and evidence in the field through veritree's Collect Application, enabling the verification of the impact of veritree’s restoration projects and ensuring transparency. Our joint efforts extend beyond environmental restoration, leading to the creation of job opportunities and stable employment for those in need. The financial support for restoration, along with the deployment of smartphones to the field, empowers community members to actively participate in these restoration projects, while developing new skills and becoming more engaged with their community.

veritree's Stephen Emsley installs an in-field camera on a tree

Introducing our Smart Forest

Our partnership continues with the creation of a smart forest in Cochrane, Alberta. Tapping into veritree’s environmental technology and the TELUS network, we’re able to enhance the monitoring and management of restoration efforts in rural ecosystems. Alongside Shakti by TELUS, our environmentally forward reforestation partner, we planted over 41,000 trees and installed 45 sensors across 110 hectares of land. Our expertise in remote and rural connectivity is key: TELUS SIM cards connect to our network, enabling the collection of real-time data on environmental conditions, biodiversity and more. This helps us to better understand our natural world and empowers us to make informed decisions for its preservation. As one of the largest ‘smart forest’ projects in Canada, the goal of this project is to boost the success rate of restoration projects and accelerate climate action.  

veritree: scaling nature-based solutions

Scaling these initiatives requires a balance between innovation and proven, reliable methods. veritree’s tree planting partners use their platform to manage restorative projects, including site and user management and data collection. They collect and verify impact data through ground-level monitoring and remote sensor technology, including: in-field cameras, bioacoustic, IoT sensors and more. This data is blockchain-verified, to ensure transparency and traceability. Restoring nature is one of the most effective solutions to tackling the climate and nature crises. veritree connects businesses with verified tree planting projects to restore our planet, making investing in nature simple and reliable.

Together, we hope to inspire others in our industry and beyond to invest in nature restoration. It's more than a collaboration; it's a shared journey towards a more sustainable and resilient future.