A group of youth and The Centre Jeunesse du Bas-Saint-Laurent Employees and volunteers gathered at an indoor hockey rink

Giving back

Removing roadblocks for our young adults

Oct 8, 2019
The Centre Jeunesse du Bas-Saint-Laurent gives beyond the fundamentals.
Where do our underprivileged, abandoned or neglected youth find the support to succeed? We invest in the Fondation du Centre Jeunesse du Bas-Saint-Laurent, because they help young people overcome difficult situations and offer them crucial financial support. The Foundation works hard to help nearly 400 young adults become accomplished and responsible citizens every year.
"You can't give what you haven't received, and you can't do what no one's taught you.”

- Guy Lord, President of Centre Jeunesse du Bas-Saint-Laurent

Our Rimouski Community Board has invested $10,000 to facilitate the oftentimes difficult transition into adulthood for disadvantaged teens. Usually, when a teen turns 18, they no longer have access to a social worker. That’s where the Foundation comes in. They offer help finding employment, teach cooking or simply provide bicycles to kids whose parents can’t afford them. The Foundation also has a scholarship program allowing teens to pursue post-secondary studies. It also helps provide material necessities. For example, when a young person moves into an apartment for the first time, they help furnish it, or help to fund driving lessons and driving permits In Quebec, taking driving lessons and having a permit costs $1,200. A kid who receives $600 a month in social assistance will never be able to afford that. It’s about giving them a chance.
“To get them to 18-years old is fairly easy. Then what happens?”
The Fondation du Centre Jeunesse du Bas-Saint-Laurent gets involved when a social worker observes that a small amount of money is needed in order for the youth to get the training they need. The Foundation identifies these potential roadblocks and helps youth achieve autonomy and success. They are passionate about helping kids blossom into successful, happy and healthy adults.
Last year the Foundation came across a 17-year-old girl who was almost done CEGEP (college) and found herself in financial trouble. They helped her so she could complete her semester instead of dropping out. What the Foundation gives might not be a large sum, but the impact is real and significant.
The Fondation du Centre Jeunesse du Bas-Saint-Laurent’s logo is a lighthouse, and their motto is “To stay on course”. At TELUS we are proud to support this cause and help build stronger communities.