A farmyard surrounded by green fields


Powering sustainable food production

Apr 21, 2020
As part of our efforts to promote sustainability and wellness, we are expanding our reach in the emerging agriculture technology sector. By leveraging technology innovation and AI, we will help farmers and ranchers produce food for the world’s ever-expanding population more efficiently, safely and in a more environmentally friendly manner. Our recent acquisitions of leading companies in farm management software and precision agriculture solutions, is an example of this in action.
Our cloud-based farm management platforms empower farmers to easily plan and track their on-farm activity all from their smartphones. Serving as a tool to optimize costs, track field activities, monitor results and the storage, movement and sale of commodities.
Precision agriculture technologies increase a farmer’s ability to apply water, pesticides, and nutrients in exact quantities, only when and where they are needed. This means fewer inputs, fewer wasted resources, less environmental impact and lower GHG emissions. The use of precision AgTech (agriculture technology) for nutrient management can vastly improve yields and productivity levels while minimizing impact on land.
With this technology we are empowering farmers with solutions that help optimize crop production and manage costs, resulting in increases in both yields and profits. At the same time, this can result in better record keeping for food traceability, improved environmental performance through better soil nutrient management and reduced CO2 emissions.