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Investing in nature restoration with TELUS’ environmental solutions offering

Dec 5, 2023

Investing in nature restoration with TELUS’ environmental solutions offering.

As a global leader in sustainability and social purpose, we’re bringing the full power of our connected technology solutions and what we’ve learned from decarbonizing our own operations, to help others restore nature.

At TELUS, we have a long-standing commitment to addressing the impacts of climate change. For over two decades, we’ve led the way in sustainability reporting, investing in renewable energy, offering sustainable finance and executing the largest number of power purchase agreements in Canada. Recently, we planted our one millionth tree, effectively offsetting all of our paper use and removing carbon from the atmosphere.

"Integrating sustainability into business strategies globally is a challenge as expectations rise for cost-effective, credible programs with rigorous reporting. At TELUS, we have a consistent vision with ambitious environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals and science-based climate targets. Now, we’re also turning our focus to technology enabled nature-based climate solutions such as AI/GIS integrated tree planting. Our approach is to partner with nature-focused technology innovators, science and research organizations and Indigenous communities and knowledge keepers to ensure the utmost integrity of the environmental solutions we’re offering to our customers." - Geoff Pegg, Head of Sustainability at TELUS.

Why nature restoration?

According to research published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, nature can provide up to 37% of the emission reductions needed by 2030 to keep global temperature rise under two degrees celsius. With rising ocean temperatures and forests under threat from wildfires, pests and deforestation, there is an urgent need to restore and care for our ecosystems.

Giving back to the planet can also be good for business: such programs have been proven to help organizations differentiate their ESG programs and operational sustainability. Our consumer research tells us that if an organization has a strong purpose, people are four times more likely to purchase their products and services. According to research led by First Insights, this is especially true for younger consumers: 75% of Gen Z state that sustainability is more important to them than brand name when making purchase decisions.

From replanting wildfire-affected areas to restoring coastal kelp forests - the TELUS Environmental Solutions team and our partners offer a range of natural climate solutions designed to make positive social and environmental impacts in Canada and across the globe.

Three tree planters on a field staring up at four drones in the sky.

Drone wildfire reforestation with Flash Forest

Flash Forest harnesses the power of drones to accelerate post-wildfire restoration. In severely burned areas, this speeds up the natural process that would typically take years to recover. Leveraging drone technology, we're able to reach areas deemed unsafe for human tree planters and can plant a range of native tree species so that forests are more resilient in the future.

Two individuals planting mangroves.

Blockchain-verified restoration with veritree

Kelp forests and mangroves, vital for marine ecosystems, face increasing threats from climate change. The process of seaforestation, utilizing fast-growing kelp, is highly scalable, with 25% of our coastlines suitable for this carbon capturing solution. Proprietary blockchain verification technology enhances transparency and brand trust by ensuring the carbon sequestered by each kelp plant is accurately accounted for and allocated only once.

A tree planter digging a hole in the dirt with a shovel.

ESG planting with Shakti by TELUS

Planting trees is one of the leading approaches to addressing the impacts of climate change. Research published in the journal Nature estimates that over 15 billion trees are cut down each year. Shakti by TELUS is an environmentally-focused reforestation company specializing in site preparation, seed collection, tree sourcing and tree planting. We get the right species in the right zone at the right time, supported by custom-built tools and mapping systems.

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With climate events becoming more frequent and intense, accelerating forest loss worldwide, purchasing environmental solutions through TELUS is not just an investment in nature; it's an investment in a sustainable, more resilient future. Partner with us to invest in natural climate solutions and become part of a mission to protect and restore our planet for generations to come. Learn more about our efforts in nature restoration at To book a consultation, contact [email protected].

Let’s make our planet healthier, together.