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Let’s make the planet greener, together

Apr 8, 2022

At TELUS, we have long understood our impact on the planet our children will inherit. 

That’s why we’ve been working since 1998 to raise awareness about the importance of our forests and to give back to the earth by planting trees to offset our paper consumption.

We have planted 751,225 trees across Canada together to help make communities in need greener, re-establish urban and rural forests, increase the number of schoolyard trees, and grow orchards. In 2021 alone, we donated $130,496 to help plant and nurture 31,991 trees through our National Greening and Edible Trees programs.

Offsetting our paper consumption

In 2018, we developed Trees for Paper, our own conservation program, which commits us to plant enough trees in Canada each year to compensate for the biomass used to produce our annual paper use. In 2021 alone, we planted over 31,000 trees.

A greener form of recognition

Bravo is a corporate program that lets TELUS team members send and receive recognition. Through Bravo, we plant one tree for each team member who earns recognition in their province. In 2021, that resulted in 2,596 trees being planted across all five Canadian regions. 

Creating healthier and healthier communities

Our customer, community and employee based tree planting efforts are an important part of our ongoing commitment to doing our part to create a more sustainable world, by reducing our carbon footprint and working towards our vision to become a zero-waste, carbon-neutral company by 2030.

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Strong digital policy is missing from Canada’s climate strategy, and presents an opportunity to lead on global climate action.

Sustainability first

So far, we’ve planted more than 751,000 trees, and once we achieve our one million tree target, we will have replenished the equivalent of 20,000 acres of forest. Our team’s commitment to protecting our planet has earned us the title of one of Canada's Top 100 Greenest Employers for the second year in a row.

We recently released our 2021 Sustainability Report outlining our environmental, social, and governance strategy and priorities. It includes the ambitious goal to use 100 percent renewable or low-emitting energy by 2025 and highlights how we embed sustainable business practices into our operations, which, since 2010,  has resulted in:

  • 41% reduction in company-wide GHG emissions

  • 138,651 MWh of renewable energy generated and procured

  • 49% reduction in energy intensity.

By partnering with organizations and investing in innovative technologies and sustainable business practices, we can make our world greener, together.

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Help protect the environment

Better digital policies will support our collective journey to net-zero.

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