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Not Just Bling: Jewellery That Brings Personal Security | TELUS

Jul 4, 2022

Rajia Abdelaziz founded invisaWear as a stylish security solution to help women feel safe with a new line of security devices embedded discreetly in jewellery. Photo credit: invisaWear

Rajia Abdelaziz vividly remembers one night in college when she was walking to her car alone after an event and a car full of men drove by and yelled inappropriate things at her. The car stopped and one man started to get out. Thankfully, Abdelaziz ran and was able to make it to her car safely. "I had my phone, but in that moment, I couldn't look at it to call anyone," she recalls. "I was so scared.”

After that incident, the seed was planted to create a product that would help women feel more secure if they found themselves in a similar situation. In 2016, she co-founded invisaWear, a US-based company offering discreet panic button jewellery and accessories that give users access to a 24/7 emergency-support team and can send SMS notifications to their emergency contacts.

Now, Canadians can access this wearable tech through a new partnership between TELUS and invisaWear, bringing this line of jewellery and accessories to the Canadian market for the first time.

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“It’s truly exciting to bring this level of personal security to Canadians. There are so many instances where, as a mom and an aunt, I can see SmartWear bringing peace of mind to customers and their loved ones, from young adults walking alone on school campuses, real estate agents doing late showings, or even just taking the dog out at night,” said Zainul Mawji, executive vice-president and president of TELUS home solutions and customer excellence. “By simply double-clicking your wearable device, you can immediately alert selected contacts and share your location. It’s empowering our customers with technology that immediately connects them to the support they need in an emergency.”

InvisaWear necklace

A new line of chic personal security devices in the form of wearable tech is now available in Canada

Double down on your safety with a double click

Abdelaziz was surprised to learn that there weren't already fashionable personal-security devices available. TELUS SmartWear Security devices are stylish and easy to take with you on the go. "We want people to have the tools and support they need for an added sense of comfort," she says. 

Customers can tailor their device with a selection of alert modes in the app and, once the device is double-clicked, it will either alert their preselected five emergency contacts or connect them to TELUS’ 24/7 monitoring team for emergency assistance, where an agent will stay on the line with you until they feel safe.

"A lot of us don't want to burden others," Abdelaziz adds. She had thought about asking a friend to walk her to her car on that fateful night, but decided against it because she didn't want to inconvenience anyone. "TELUS SmartWear Security gives you a way to stay connected without having to ask someone to be with you.”

TELUS SmartWear Security can also send reassurance calls and texts to help customers feel more at ease when faced with an uncomfortable situation, such as a blind date, walking home late at night or travelling solo. "Sometimes you find yourself in situations that are not quite emergencies but you want reassurance," says Abdelaziz. "You can double-click your device and an agent will stay with you on the line until you feel comfortable. They can also call you to give you a reason to leave a situation, such as an uneasy date.”

In the event a user has double-clicked the device but can’t get to their phone, a TELUS agent will alert their emergency contacts and can share their location with local law enforcement as well.

Originally published in Chatelaine.

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