A TELUS fleet vehicle featuring artwork by local, Indigenous artist, Tracey Metallic.

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Sharing an Indigenous story of hope and resilience on our TELUS vehicles

Sep 7, 2023
(Above) A newly wrapped TELUS fleet vehicle in Listuguj, Quebec, features artwork by Tracey Metallic.
Residents in and around Listuguj, Quebec will see the inspiring artwork of local artist, Tracey Metallic of the Listuguj Mi’gmaq First Nation, traveling through the community on newly wrapped TELUS fleet vehicles. 
This is the latest collaboration between TELUS and Indigenous artists across our serving areas. We invite you to read on and learn more about Tracey, her journey as an artist, and the uplifting message she hopes to convey through her beautiful design. 
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Back view of a TELUS fleet vehicle, displaying Tracey Metallic’s painting - Infinity.

Proudly displayed on a TELUS fleet vehicle, Tracey Metallic’s Infinity painting represents truth, strength, love and perseverance.

Infinity by Tracey Metallic, Listuguj Mi’gmaq First Nation

The turtle in the Infinity painting for me represents truth, strength, love and perseverance. I wanted to demonstrate that healing is limitless; it is a lifelong journey that never ends, in that no matter how much healing or progress you will make in overcoming a past trauma, life will still throw you a curve ball at times, and you will find yourself in pain again. However, when you're consistently working on yourself and developing new tools to cope, your recovery will be much faster. 
The beauty within Infinity depicts coming out from the veil of darkness. It serves as a symbol of an awakening.
The message I want my art to convey is that there is nothing in life you cannot overcome. Our strength is not in who we once were but in who we are destined to become.
Local artist, Tracey Metallic, standing in front of an original work of art.

Tracey Metallic, Listuguj Mi’gmaq First Nation

As a child I was always artistic and crafty. I remember at around the age of eight, using a reference picture I found in a magazine, I drew a little boy with a bird sitting on his hand and showed it to my uncle who praised me. His words had a huge impact on my self-esteem to keep drawing. Throughout the years, I continued to draw from pictures of my family and my own children.  
It was not until 2014 when I took a leave of absence from my work as a social worker teaching healing and self-esteem workshops that I had picked up a paint brush for the first time. I was battling depression after the sudden death of my brother in 2003 and the loss of more family members in the years that followed. 
Painting allowed me to escape my negative thoughts. I started with cartoon characters for my grandchildren. When I posted them on social media, I started getting requests from parents to do paintings for their little ones. It was at this point that I began thinking of my own designs and, with the guidance of other artists, I began painting from my heart. Much of my art depicts my healing journey, such as my Sun Catcher painting.
An original painting by Tracey Metallic, depicting an Indigenous woman standing under the sun with her hands open to receive its rays.

Suncatcher, by Tracey Metallic

TELUS' commitment to artistic integrity
We are committed to supporting the artistic practices of Indigenous Peoples, while being mindful of the historic role organizations have played in the misappropriation of Indigenous art and culture. We have an obligation and responsibility to ensure that TELUS’ use of Indigenous art in our digital and physical spaces is respectful of Indigenous artists. TELUS works with each artist to ensure that they retain full intellectual property and control over their work.