Image collage: a TELUS team member pushing a bandwagon filled with plant seedlings; An Ocean Wise sign next to a row of sinks; TELUS team members picking up litter on the beach.


Breaking Ground: Highlights from 2023

Dec 14, 2023
As 2023 comes to a close, we reflect on some of the ways in which our team and our partners championed environmental sustainability within our communities across the country. From planting our one millionth tree to diverting over 15 million devices from landfill, we have a lot to be proud of.
Join us in celebrating the stories and partnerships that define our commitment to a more sustainable and friendlier future.
TELUS team members making a presentation on Earth Day.

Planting our one millionth tree

This year, we celebrated the planting of our one millionth tree, equivalent to replenishing 20,000 acres of forest—twenty times the size of Vancouver's Stanley Park. With each mature tree absorbing about 22 kilograms of CO2 annually, this work is crucial to help mitigate climate change. In collaboration with
Flash Forest
, we’re leveraging our networks and innovative technology for impactful reforestation and seaforestation projects in western Canada and beyond. 
TELUS team members gathered by the water, learning about the technology used to monitor underwater ecosystems.

Tapping into technology to help restore underwater ecosystems

Kelp forests, vital for marine ecosystems and climate change mitigation, grow 30 times faster than trees and efficiently absorb and store carbon for centuries. However, kelp forests around the world are being threatened by rising sea temperatures. In collaboration with TELUS, Ocean Wise now employs a high-tech remotely operated vehicle (ROV) to monitor their kelp nursery along the BC coastline. This nursery not only plays a crucial role in kelp restoration but also serves as a valuable resource for ongoing ocean conservation research.
Learn more about the partnership with Ocean Wise
TELUS team members picking up waste in a shoreline cleanup.

Cleaning up our coastline and planting trees for soccer fans

As the premier and jersey partner of Vancouver Whitecaps FC, we joined forces to take action to reduce our collective carbon footprint by planting one tree for each fan attending the TELUS sponsored match on July 15 against LA Galaxy, resulting in the planting of 20,000 trees. We also brought together TELUS team members and Whitecaps FC players to address ocean plastic pollution on our shores through a shoreline cleanup with Ocean Wise, leading to the collection of over 100 kgs of waste within just one hour.
Learn more about the partnership with Vancouver Whitecaps FC
TELUS team members gathered around a crate of plants, helping to establish a community garden.

Cultivating a community garden to help fight food insecurity

In response to alarming statistics from the Cambridge Food Bank in Ontario, which revealed that 1 in 14 households in the Waterloo region struggled to afford putting food on the table this year, members of Team TELUS who reside in the area volunteered their time to establish a community garden in partnership with
R.A.R.E. Charitable Research Reserve
. Throughout the summer, the team cultivated, harvested and donated 66 pounds of fresh food. This sustained a family of four for an entire month, saving them $1,000 on healthy eating. This was an inaugural venture, and we are pleased to announce that we will continue this initiative next year. 
A technician sorting through a table of old and broken devices.

Surpassing 15 million devices diverted from landfill

We're also leading the way in the circular economy by repairing, repurposing and recycling technology to create a more sustainable future. To date, we've prevented more than 15 million devices from ending up in landfills through programs such as
Trade-In and Bring it Back
, and we’re not stopping there.
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