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How TELUS is #HereForFarmers affected by BC floods

Dec 21, 2021

British Columbia’s agriculture sector is the most diverse in Canada, contributing $3.2 billion to the national economy and exporting more than $2.6 billion in agrifood products around the world. Recent weather events and flooding have devastated the region, sending the province into a state of emergency. 

To help with recovery efforts, TELUS Agriculture launched #HereForFarmers, giving $100,000 through the BC Agriculture Council for emergency aid and in-kind support in veterinary, network and health services for farmers. As well as an additional $10,000 through a social media campaign to raise awareness about the catastrophe’s impact on the agriculture community. 

TELUS also donated $1 million to flood relief and supported on-the-ground efforts to deliver essential supplies in the hardest-hit areas.

As affected farmers look ahead to rebuilding, they anticipate a long road to recovery but are heartened by the support and kindness shown by the industry and community. Hear firsthand from farmers who live and work in the Sumas Prairie region about the flooding’s impact on their farms, homes and community.