Giving back

Helping a community champion give back to sick kids

Oct 8, 2019
We found an Angel in the thousands of inspiring responses we received during our Give Where We Live campaign, celebrating the people who give freely and without any expectations.
Angel is a passionate, vibrant 18-year old from Port Alberni, B.C. She has been in and out of hospitals for her own surgeries and knows how scary it can be. Her experience s inspired her to set up her own non-profit business, Hugginz by Angel, making it her life’s mission to bring comfort to kids when they need it most. She does this by sewing blankets, special hospital pajamas and hats for sick kids across North America. She says she “fills the blankets with love for the kids.”
“I want every sick child to have a fun set of Hugginz hospital pajamas or a cozy, cuddly love-filled Hugginz blanket to cuddle with when they are sick and have to be at the hospital”

- Angel

Angel’s one wish was to be able to bring comfort to even more sick kids. Her greatest challenge was space – all sewing was done on the dining room table and an entire bedroom was being used to store her materials. So we changed that. We built Angel her very own sewing studio, equipped with everything she needed, including new sewing machines and storage. Over a few days Angel’s studio was painted and filled with furniture.
Angel loves and cares for people she doesn’t even know and her selflessness inspires all those around her. With the support of her community and her new studio, Angel can continue to help sick kids, a couple of hugs at a time.