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Giving back

Good Deeds for Wild Things

Oct 8, 2019

Protecting Canadian animals and their habitats

According to the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF), the world has seen a 52 per cent decline in species populations since 1970. That’s why we made a promise to contribute $5 million over five years toward protecting Canadian animals and their habitats.We know we can’t do it alone, so in December of 2014, we launched our Good Deeds for Wild Things campaign, empowering Canadians to join TELUS and our partners – WWF-Canada, Tree Canada and the Nature Conservancy of Canada – in our effort to keep animals, and the places they call home, safe and secure for years to come.During the holiday season, we gave people the opportunity to help us decide how to spend our donation by combining the joy of shopping with the joy of giving. Visitors to our campaign microsite learned about our ongoing commitment to preserving wildlife and were able to ‘shop’ for a variety of animal and environmental causes and projects, directing a virtual donation to one of our partners.

Thanks to the passionate support of people across the country, we were able to donate $500,000 to our partners and their important projects safeguarding our animals and environment.

  • $204,835 donated to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

  • $216,068 donated to the Nature Conservancy of Canada

  • $79,097 donated to Tree Canada