Group of hospital workers wearing masks

Giving back

Fundraising for safe cancer care in Manitoba

Jan 15, 2021
For over 20 years, the CancerCare Manitoba Foundation has been supporting CancerCare Manitoba to help meet the needs of the province’s cancer patients. Ensuring patient safety is critical as CancerCare is working with immunocompromised individuals. Funding from the Foundation to CancerCare is integral to ensuring patients stay as safe as possible while receiving treatment.
Since the start of COVID-19, many of the Foundation’s fundraising activities have had to be adapted. The funds raised are critical to maintaining support to CancerCare, and this is where the TELUS Friendly Future Foundation stepped in to help.
Through one of our grants, the CancerCare Manitoba Foundation was able to support essential services at their cancer treatment locations throughout Manitoba by providing personal protective equipment to staff, patients and volunteers.
“We are very grateful to the TELUS Friendly Future Foundation for its support. Receiving a cancer diagnosis is incredibly challenging, notwithstanding the complexities of undergoing treatment during a pandemic,” said Annitta Stenning, President & CEO, CancerCare Manitoba Foundation. “The TELUS Friendly Future Foundations’ investment has made the journey better for Manitobans living with cancer.”
As Manitoba navigates COVID and works to reopen, the Foundation remains committed to helping CancerCare Manitoba ensure patients are protected while receiving treatment. Additional funding from the TELUS Friendly Future Foundation contributes to making these spaces safe.