Giving back

Delivering healthy food to Toronto communities

May 15, 2020
Right now, supporting those in need is crucial during a time when access to food is limited. In the face of COVID-19, Building Roots is ensuring that residents in the Moss Park area, a high-risk part of Toronto, have the support they need during this unprecedented time. 
With one of our grants supporting urgent COVID-19 funding, Building Roots is able to provide support to the most vulnerable in this community through the Moss Park Market. Thanks to this grant, they have been able to deliver baskets filled with fresh, nutritious food to seniors and community members living with emotional or mobility barriers, as well as people self-isolating who have trouble accessing food. Building Roots has also been able to provide at-home resources for seniors in need and educational activity kits for families with kids home from school.
"Building Roots is hugely grateful to be a recipient of a TELUS Friendly Future Foundation grant."
The grant is supporting our ongoing work in the Moss Park community to ensure rights to healthy food are realized despite the constraints of COVID-19. Delivering both fresh and ready-made meals to those unable to leave home, and providing affordable produce options at our Moss Park Market is made possible by the support of organizations like the TELUS Friendly Future Foundation” says Cheyenne Haylor, a Projects Coordinator for Building Roots. 
Working together with Building Roots, we can construct deeper, more empathetic foundations in our communities and help keep everyone safe in their homes while providing relief and resources to help them thrive.