An Optik TV set-up box ready collected for recycling.


Closing the sustainability circle

Oct 31, 2022
How TELUS is driving circularity within supply operations

Reduce, reuse, and recycle. These terms are increasingly common as more Canadians consider the environmental consequences of our everyday actions.
Attitudes are also evolving at the macro level. Our old linear economy that drained natural systems, communities, and public health infrastructure is becoming circular, enabling us to recover as much value as possible from resources by reusing, repairing, refurbishing, re-manufacturing, repurposing and recycling products and materials.
At TELUS, we’re embracing this shift toward a circular economy, and the broader, bolder changes that it requires. That means using valuable resources wisely, thinking about waste as a resource instead of a cost, and finding innovative ways to improve the environment and the economy. It’s not only a different way of doing business, it’s a better way of life for everyone.
Strong digital policy is missing from Canada’s climate strategy, and presents an opportunity to lead on global climate action.

Sustainable End of Life planning

Although we’re not a manufacturer, we recognize we play a significant role in ensuring the sustainability of natural resources and reducing our environmental footprint through the products we sell and consume as a company.
Part of our commitment involves following a pollution prevention hierarchy to manage the end of life of our customer premise equipment, by:
  1. Applying responsible sourcing, and working closely with our main suppliers on sustainable practices
  2. Encouraging product design that enables reusability and recyclability
  3. Maximizing device reusability by repairing and refurbishing
  4. Employing environmentally friendly end-of-life disposal that includes reclaiming & recycling as many components as possible.
TELUS equipment collected for refurbishment and recycling

Circularity through Reverse logistics

It all starts with not wasting what you already have. Annually, TELUS collects and refurbishes close to 600,000 customer devices, including high speed internet routers and TV set-top boxes.
Our team works with certified refurbishment partners to triage, test, repair and clean devices so we can reuse them. We also work with our responsible recycling partners who recover commodities like copper, aluminum, steel, cardboard and plastics from those products we cannot reuse.
In 2021, TELUS diverted over 3000 tons of waste away from the landfills; and achieved a diversion rate for additional waste streams of 94%, surpassing TELUS’ target of 85% by 2025.
We could not achieve this amazing outcome without our customers’ support of our business practices.
TELUS equipment collected for refurbishment and recycling

Responsible packaging

Packaging materials can leave a major environmental footprint. TELUS expects our suppliers to adhere to our
sustainable paper and packaging policy
To reduce our impact, we are aiming to:
  • Maximize the use of recycled and renewable packaging materials with a goal of > 50% within 3 years
  • Reduce the use of plastic packaging overall and have a target of 20% of recycled plastic content by 2025
These are just a few of the initiatives, practices and policies we have in place to ensure that we make the future friendly, together.
To learn more about what we look for in our suppliers and how we hold them accountable to our commitment to reducing, reusing, and recycling, visit