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3 Ways a worker safety solution can positively impact your business

Tech Trends · Oct 5, 2023

Maintaining the safety and health of workers should be the top priority for any organization. Many businesses are turning to connected worker technology to ensure their employees remain safe and healthy in hazardous environments.

At the end of 2021, only 2% of lone workers were using a safety solution.* By leveraging data insights, assessing areas requiring special attention and utilizing analytics to detect potential issues, companies can mitigate risks to their employees. 

Connected worker technology provides a comprehensive solution that goes beyond traditional safety measures. Here are three ways that a worker safety solution can positively impact your organization.

1. Enables assured decision making that is backed by data

The insights that a Connected Worker solution provides can empower organizations to make informed decisions about safety protocols and improve existing safety initiatives. By leveraging this data, employers can gain valuable insights into trends and patterns that may indicate areas where further action is needed. And make impactful decisions with the assurance of a positive outcome.

2. Helps to identify potential safety risks in advance

Be confident that you are being proactive to mitigate risks before an incident occurs, facilitate quick responses and take corrective action when needed.

A Connected Worker solution can help you detect potential hazards and alert the appropriate personnel to take action. Data analytics can help employers identify potential safety risks in advance so that you don't need to be reactive after the fact. Through the use of generated reports, employers can review safety performance and reallocate resources to ensure they are dedicated to areas needing improvement.

3. Automates safety processes to ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations

Automation can help streamline safety processes and ensure that safety requirements are met. An automated worker safety solution can help reduce errors, minimize paperwork, and ensure that safety protocols are followed. It can also help with tracking safety training, employee certifications and other safety initiatives to avoid severe non-compliance penalties and improve overall workplace safety.

Maximize safety and compliance with a Connected Worker solution at your organization. Assess your readiness to implement a Connected Worker solution using our self-assessment for free today — Calculate potential return on investment, uncover additional benefits and discover whether or not your business is primed for a worker safety solution. 

*Across Canada, the USA and Europe. Berg Insight, Lone worker safety solutions 2nd edition, 2022.