The TELUS IoT shop is now open for business

Other · Sep 17, 2019

Making it simple for IoT innovators to buy and manage cellular connectivity

The Internet of Things solutions are, by their very nature, dependent on connectivity, especially reliable cellular connectivity. Ironically enough, developers and start-ups often find it a challenge to purchase connectivity for their early-stage solutions because of the endless red tape they are met with from traditional service providers. Volume commitments, complex contracts, and restrictive plans, pricing and ordering processes simply don’t work for innovators or businesses that need easy access to a hand full of SIM cards and a pool of data to be able to test and deploy new solutions.
TELUS has been working closely with Canadian developers and start-ups to find solutions to the most common challenges that hinder IoT innovation. This collaboration has led to the creation of the TELUS IoT Shop – an online portal for purchasing pre-paid cellular connectivity.

No TELUS business account or credit check required

The IoT Shop makes it easy for customers to buy the right amount of cellular connectivity and data for their particular solution. It essentially cuts through the red tape by enabling customers to create an online account and purchase SIM cards with shareable data using a credit card. No credit check required. Buyers don’t even need to be existing TELUS customers. Plus, connectivity is on TELUS’ dedicated IoT network, ensuring reliable and secure service for your devices.
The first three SIM cards are free, and data packages start at 100 MB. Tiered pricing then gives customers a wide range of options and the flexibility to change their plan as their needs grow. With 24/7 access to their online account, customers have full control over their subscription with the ability to activate and deactivate SIM cards, change data plans, order more cards, monitor their usage, view invoices and much more. 

No data overages, no costly surprises

The IoT Shop ensures devices stay connected, while eliminating the possibility of data overages. Data packages are set to auto-renew every 30 days but, if the data allowance is used up before the end of a regular billing cycle, the auto-renew is triggered earlier. Automatic email alerts when usage thresholds are reached keep users informed along the way.  As a result, devices stay connected, and the customer never has to worry about penalties.

More to come

The TELUS IoT Shop is now open for business with SIM cards and shareable data ready for purchase - and there is much more to come! In the not too distant future, we plan to add our IoT Starter Kits, certified modules and modems, and many more things to our online inventory to help developers get started with IoT more easily. It’s all part of our commitment to make IoT simple!
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Tariq Rehman
Tariq Rehman