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Are you adapting to improve your collaboration experience?

Tech Trends · Nov 8, 2019

Technological progress always brings increased efficiency but it also brings a human shift in expectations. The way we communicate and collaborate is no exception.

We’ve already seen extraordinary change in the last decade. Think about how customers and employees will differ in terms of what they will expect from leading businesses in 5 or 10 years. No one knows exactly what will happen but we do know change is driven in large part by more competitive markets and the need to improve customer experiences, employee engagement, and business operations.

However, this shift opens up the potential for immense gaps between industry leaders and those businesses who lag behind. Being able to lead, or at the very least keep up, will be the key to long-term success as the world marches towards increasing digitalization.

At present, new business communication technologies have created significant opportunities along with some practical challenges for businesses to overcome. A business like Totem Appliance & Refrigeration Service is a great example. Like many, they were running their business communications system in the cloud but were struggling with Voice over Internet (VoIP) call quality due to bandwidth and other networking issues. With the help of Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) technology, we helped them address these issues and increase the reliability of their system.

To help you learn more, we’ve created an infographic to explain how SD-WAN & Unified Communications (UC) can be deployed to overcome these hurdles.

For in-depth insights, download our eBook: Improve the reliability, performance, and overall experience of cloud-based collaboration.

Authored by:
Curtis Nicholson