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Liftsafe future-proofs business with unified communications

Tech Trends · Aug 10, 2017

When you have a company in expansion mode across multiple divisions, keeping everyone connected can be a challenge. “Our system was so old. Over the years, we modified the unit with various components such as auto attendant, but it never worked properly,” says Vittoria Christodoulou, Manager of Finance with the Liftsafe Group of Companies. A 25-year old company, Liftsafe Engineering has four distinct divisions and each arm offers services that support the company’s mandate to bring safety solutions to its customers.

Liftsafe needed a reliable and scalable solution that would enable seamless communication between head office, satellite offices, in-field employees and its customers. “Initially I was looking at replacing all the hardware – but the installation cost was prohibitive,” says Christodoulou. In 2014, frustrated with an antiquated calling system which utilized traditional desktop phones and an after-hours answering service, Liftsafe switched the company’s four business divisions over to TELUS Business Connect, a cloud-based all-in-one VoIP solution. Christodoulou recalls “I used to have weekly conversations about problems – poor quality, calls being dropped, calls not answered. Now, it’s a non-issue.”

A flexible and affordable solution

The ability to have one main business number that works across multiple devices and locations, the flexibility to scale as business needs and the number of users change, and the peace-of-mind that no call goes unanswered were big selling points. TELUS Business Connect streamlines call management and keeps everyone connected from anywhere, on any device: office phone, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Affordability was another key reason to change. Christodoulou claims “To upgrade to a new non-hosted solution, we were looking at upwards of $20,000. With TELUS, the upfront costs were negligible. TELUS leased the hardware to us and manages the hosting.”

Ready to grow with the company

Liftsafe’s head office in Ayr, Ontario, has 25 Business Connect users. Field technicians and salespeople stay connected with Business Connect on their mobile devices, taking advantage of the solution’s many features including ring sequencing and call forwarding for after-hours calls that can be dispatched to technicians.

The company is currently in expansion mode, having opened two new locations in Ontario and one in Quebec. “When you’re expanding, one of the roadblocks is connectivity. With TELUS Business Connect, we don’t even have to consider it. Just order a phone, add users and off you go!” Liftsafe has more plans for expansion and believes that the scalability of TELUS Business Connect can keep pace with the company’s growth trajectory.

“Business Connect will continue to evolve with us. It already has.”

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Authored by:
Nicole Hylmar
Nicole Hylmar