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Other · May 22, 2020

In less than a few weeks, the health crisis has brought about many transformations in our work environments. These include the acceleration of digital transformation, the rise of remote work and an increased concern for the health and well-being of employees.
Staying connected and secure has never been more important. Several technologies are available to ensure the productivity and well-being of your teams.

Facilitate remote work through Unified Communications

The adoption of
remote work requires empowering employees
so that they have the flexibility to connect, communicate and collaborate, regardless of work location. Either way, it's about breaking down physical and geographic barriers and allowing information to be shared securely.
To achieve this, an ecosystem of solutions enables companies to optimize their work environment. This ecosystem includes:
  • Mobile technologies (smartphones and tablets)
  • Unified Communications (business VoIP systems such as
    TELUS Business Connect,
    webcams, instant messaging, video conferencing), and
  • Secure cloud solutions (Google Suite, Office 365)
security being an essential aspect of working from home
, Virtual Private Networks (VPN) are also an important part of this ecosystem to provide the same level of security as in the office.
With more than 85% of millennials who prefer flexible environments1, remote work and the use of Unified Communications are bound to become major trends in Canadian organizations.

Healthcare at your fingertips for employees

As the situation evolves, the health, well-being and many aspects of the mental health of employees can become fragile which can have repercussions on the management of organizations.While many people may experience much greater than normal stress levels, virtual care provides essential support for workers in need. In addition to resolving 85% of usual medical queries, these online solutions help to reduce absenteeism, increase mobility while promoting greater efficiency.
Applications like
Akira by TELUS Health
provide 24/7 on-demand access to healthcare. Employees and their families can thus benefit from:
  • Personalized advice on digital platforms (smartphone, tablet or computer)
  • Direct access to a medical consultation with health clinicians by text, video or audio conference in complete safety and in the comfort of their home, and;
  • Referrals to specialists, requests for prescriptions and requests for mental health support.

As the leading provider of Unified Communications services hosted in Canada and a Canadian leader in healthcare transformation, TELUS has the expertise and solutions to help you create virtual work environments.
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1. "How and why Millennials are shaping the future of remote working". Workplace Insights 2016
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