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Driving digital transformation with ServiceNow and TELUS

Tech Trends · Jan 24, 2019

Imagine this scenario: your IT team has been tasked with completing a major project in a short span of time. You will be required to collaborate with multiple teams, bearing in mind that there will be complex and siloed processes to contend with. Additionally, you have to continue tackling your daily business-as-usual tasks. With everything piling up, it is starting to feel overwhelming right? So, how can you create a sustainable approach that enables you to consistently provide excellent services while giving you the flexibility to work on more meaningful tasks that excite you?

Perhaps it’s time to embark on a digital transformation journey for your company with some help from TELUS.

TELUS Service Management – A fully managed ServiceNow solution under one roof

TELUS Service Management, powered by ServiceNow®, is a cloud-based managed ServiceNow solution that allows your IT team to manage strategy, operations, and service delivery on a single platform, available from anywhere. As part of the solution, we bring your teams, processes and automation together to support end users and operations teams in managing and delivering IT solutions. Additionally, your team has end-to-end visibility of your TELUS managed services, including the ability to easily submit and track incidents, and initiate change requests all from a single portal.

We help you to quickly deploy ServiceNow® efficiently without the need for you to acquire and train specialized IT talent. In addition, we maintain the tool and continue to provide professional services to guide you through your digital transformation journey.

TELUS Service Management Advantage

A single cloud portal for all your IT needs

Tired of managing your IT needs using multiple tools and databases? You’re not the only one. A lot of organizations suffer from teams working in silos, with access to multiple tools and disparate information, causing inefficiencies and unnecessary delays.

With TELUS Service Management, your teams can now have a true centralized and single view of all consolidated knowledge, services and incidents within your company. TELUS Service Management allows your IT team to:

  • Achieve faster service delivery: Teams can collaborate and work better to solve issues and deliver services in a timelier manner.

  • Improve incident resolution: With all your system integrated into a single platform, you gain a consolidated view of IT that helps your team track down and resolve issues faster. In addition, you can automate workflows and repetitive tasks to generate efficiencies.

  • Leverage a centralized system of action: Deliver an excellent service experience to your team, enabling them to submit service requests and get support from a single portal.

Automation of manual tasks

In a demanding and fast paced work environment, it is easy to get distracted from important goals. Leveraging the orchestration capabilities in the TELUS Service Management solution, repetitive tasks and requests can be fully automated, removing manual work and processes. Providing access to software, resetting passwords, addressing common service requests and assigning tasks to team members are a few examples of daily activities that can be easily automated.

TELUS Service Management helps you automate these requests so you can deliver services faster to your end users. This will free up more time for your teams to pursue and work on innovative projects, which are key for your business to remain competitive.

Deliver continuous service excellence

So now you’re enjoying the benefits of efficiencies and automation. But with business requirements shifting every day, how do you ensure you’re continuously improving? The ability to extract useful analytics is critical to justify your IT expenses and future roadmap items. With TELUS Service Management, you will be able to extract reports to track performance metrics and IT resources. Empowered with enhanced visibility, customized reports and dashboards, you can easily monitor the service performance and assist in identification of problem areas.

24/7/365 turn-key solution to accelerate your business goals

Initiating a digital transformation with the ServiceNow platform can be a big challenge to face alone, so picking the right partner to support you is important. Planning, implementation, management, and hiring of specialized talent can be overwhelming, especially if your company is not ready to invest in the time and resources required to do it all yourself. Establishing a partnership with TELUS will help you address your concerns.

TELUS’ expert group of IT consultants are ready to assist you with all your IT requirements from inception to completion. ServiceNow certified experts will monitor the platform around the clock to eliminate service outages and achieve fast resolution of any incidents, ensuring your team can keep working towards its business goals.

Full integration with TELUS Managed Services

By using the ServiceNow platform, you’ll be able to manage all your IT services effectively. Additionally, you will also be able to leverage the same platform to handle all service requests for TELUS Managed Services. With a host of scalable and flexible features, you can monitor the status of all your TELUS Managed Services, submit incident tickets, service requests, and change management requests.

Deliver more business value with TELUS’ Service Management Office

Engaged at the onset of the TELUS Service Management implementation within your organization, the TELUS Service Management Office (SMO) strives to enable change, break silos within teams, provide consistency in service delivery and experience, and improve project effectiveness and efficiency by harnessing best practices.

The mandates of the SMO are to establish IT service management frameworks, drive structured transition for products, services and teams, and provide governance to the support teams – all with increased transparency.

TELUS Service Management adapts to your company’s needs

By this point, you may have an idea of how you would like to implement TELUS Service Management in your organization. Even if you don’t, TELUS can provide you with dedicated support in determining your requirements and then implementing them. The table below provides a general overview of TELUS Service Management solutions.

TELUS ServiceNow Management Table

Start a digital transformation journey in your company with TELUS

Take the next step in the evolution of your company’s IT practices. Contact a TELUS expert today to receive a consultation on what will work best for your company.  We can arrange a demo to take you through how TELUS is leveraging this platform for its own transformation.

Authored by:
Michael Fletcher
Michael Fletcher