Canada-US Plan: Frequently asked questions

Information about how the Canada-US plan works, the rate plan change policy for this plan and important details about calling, texting and travelling internationally with this plan

Designed for the frequent US traveller, the Canada-US plan lets you enjoy all the benefits of a Your Choice plan in both Canada and the US. When selecting your choice of data to use or share with other subscribers on your account, you can opt for the Canada-US option. This allows you to call, text and use data while in Canada and the US. In addition, you can call or text US phone numbers while in Canada at no extra charge.

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With the Your Choice Canada-US rate plan, you are required to stay on the plan for the duration of your term. If you change your plan before the end of your term, you will automatically be charged a $100 service fee.

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Calling and texting with a Canada-US plan

Whether in Canada or the US, this plan includes unlimited calling, text, picture and video and messaging to phone numbers in Canada and the US.

While in Canada, calling and texting phone numbers outside Canada and the US are subject to standard pay-per-use long distance rates. See for details. If you have an international long distance calling or texting add-on, the rates of your add-on only apply when making international long distance calls or texts from Canada.

While in the US, calls to phone numbers that are outside of Canada and the US are not included and will be billed at the roaming pay-per-use rate in the US. See the applicable pay-per-use rate on You can text any phone number in the world for no extra charge, however, texting premium and subscription numbers are not included.

While in the US, picture and video messages that you send and receive will use the monthly data attached to your rate plan if you are not connected to Wi-Fi.

Calls to 411, 511, Sanger, California (559-726-XXXX) Carroll, Iowa (712-775-XXXX) Lake Park, Iowa (712-432-XXXX) Oglala, South Dakota (605-562-XXXX) Redfield and South Dakota (605-475-XXXX) are not included and will be charged the roaming pay-per-use rate.

Using Easy Roam internationally with a Canada-US plan

Since your Canada-US rate plan covers all your usage while in the US, the $7 per day Easy Roam rate for the US does not apply.

When using Easy Roam in an eligible international destination outside the US, you can take advantage of the $12 per day rate to use your monthly plan’s minutes, text and data while travelling. Calling phone numbers outside Canada and the destination you are currently located in are charged the pay-per-use rate for the destination that the call was made from. You can search the destination you are calling from at to determine the pay-per-use rate.

When you travel, you can text any phone number in the world for no extra charge, however, texting premium and subscription numbers are not included.

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For information on to how to ensure you’re covered with Easy Roam when you travel internationally, view the support article: Getting set up to travel and tips for travelling with your mobile device.

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