Unsolicited mobility calls and text messages

How to protect yourself from unsolicited calls and text messages


TELUS does not:

  • Disclose your mobile phone number without your permission
  • Sell client lists or phone numbers to third parties
  • Include your mobile phone number in directories unless you request it

For details please see telus.com/privacy.

Protecting yourself against unsolicited calls and text messages

  • Put your mobile phone number on the National Do Not Call List
  • Don't disclose your mobile phone number to anyone other than trusted parties
  • If you receive a call from an unknown number, let it go to voice mail. If it's something important, the caller will leave you a message
  • If you answer a call from a telemarketer, don't provide any personal information over the phone
  • If a phone call becomes harassing, file a police report
  • If you receive a text message from an unknown number, do not respond to it
  • Many smartphones have features allowing you to block calls or texts directly. Check out your phone’s manual or website to learn more


TELUS charges for voice calls and text messages, and can't prevent third parties from calling or sending text messages to your number. However, TELUS has anti-spam safeguards in place, which should prevent spam messages from being sent to you.

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