TELUS Easy Payment®

Spread the cost of your device over 24 months

The TELUS Easy Payment® program allows you to spread the cost of your device over 24 months. Your TELUS Easy Payment® is the amount you pay each month that goes towards paying back the pre-tax balance of your device cost.

Note: Some devices will also require an upfront cost, as shown in the example below.

Example: iPhone Xs 64gb

Retail Price$1,415.00
TELUS Easy Payment® Balance$955.00
Device price due upfront$460.00
Taxes HST (Ontario 13%) due upfront$183.95
Total Due Upfront$643.95
Due Monthly: TELUS Easy Payment® Charge (24 mos)$39.79

Explanation of terms

TELUS Easy Payment® Balance: The TELUS Easy Payment® Balance is the upfront reduction off the retail price of the device, which will be spread over the course of 24 months

Taxes: The taxes are calculated based on the total device cost and must be paid in full at the time of purchase. The tax rate is based on the province where the purchase is deducted from the total cost of the device.

Total Due Upfront: The amount that must be paid at the time of purchase, this would include the device price as well as taxes.

Due Monthly: TELUS Easy Payment® Charge (24 mos): The TELUS Easy Payment® Balance, divided into equal payments over 24 months. These monthly charges will not be taxes as taxes were already paid upfront on the cost of the device.

Starting Balance: This is the starting TELUS Easy Payment® Balance that is being paid through the 24 monthly payments.

Monthly Payments: The monthly drawdown of the TELUS Easy Payment® Balance paid on the bill for 24 months

Current Balance: Remaining TELUS Easy Payment® Balance after deduction of monthly payments paid to date.

Amount Paid: Sum of total monthly payments paid to date by the customer.

Start Date: This is when the monthly payments start.

End Date: This is when the monthly payments end.

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