Device balances

Find your current device balance and understand adjustments

Your Device Balance is the cost to upgrade or cancel your device before the end of your service term if you activated or upgraded before July 3rd, 2019 (after July 3rd, 2019, all device balances are TELUS Easy Payment® balances.

The device balance is based on the discount you originally received for your device and decreases every month over the length of your service term. At the end of your service term in 24 months, the Device Balance is $0.

How it works

Here is an example of a Device Balance scenario:

Phone “A” sells in store with no term pricing of $1400. Anna picks a 2 year term with an eligible plan and pays $200 in store for the phone. The rest, a $1200 balance, is spread out over a 24 month agreement ($50 per month).

If Anna completes her 24 month term, the device balance will reach $0.

If she chooses to renew and get a new device after 22 months, she’ll have to pay back the discount balance for the remaining 2 months, $100 ($50 x 2 months).

Where to find your device balance

On the My TELUS self-serve portal:

  1. Log in to My TELUS
  2. Select Plans & Devices on navigation
  3. If you have more than one subscriber on the account, select the subscriber you want to view
  4. Under Device Balance, you will see:
  • The contract start date
  • The contract end date
  • The current device balance amount

In the My TELUS app:

  1. Log in to the app
  2. Select Plans & Devices
  3. Scroll down to Device Balance to see:
  • Contract start date
  • Contract end date
  • Current device balance amount

Install the free My TELUS app onto your Apple or Android mobile device.

Note: You can also see your Device Balance on your monthly bill.

Sample Device Balance on your monthly bill

You can find details about your Device Balance on your monthly bill. Below is a sample of the amounts associated with your Device Balance.

Explanation of terms

  • Starting Device Balance: The Starting Device Balance is the discount you originally received for your device when you signed your service term.
  • Last month's balance: The Device Balance that appeared on your previous month’s bill.
  • Credit: Over the length of your contract, TELUS automatically reduces your Device Balance each month by a set amount. This credit is equal to your original device discount divided by the number of months in your service term. At the end of your service term, the Device Balance is $0.
  • Current Device Balance: The cost to upgrade or cancel your device currently. This amount is also used to determine the costs for cancellation and for changing your monthly service charges below the minimum amount.

Adjustments to your Device Balance

There may be one-time adjustments to your Device Balance after certain transactions. For example, when you upgrade to a new device, your Device Balance will be reduced to $0, and your new device TELUS Easy Payment® balance will be added on.

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