How to troubleshoot frequent loss of Internet connection

Try the following steps

Experiencing loss of internet connection on only one device?

  1. Reboot device
  2. Make sure the device is updated with the latest software
  3. Disconnect from the Wi-Fi connection. Try to clear the settings by forgetting the network and reconnect to the Wi-Fi and reenter the password.
  4. Contact vendor to further troubleshoot

Experiencing loss of internet connection on multiple devices?

Distance to the Wi-Fi Gateway/router

The average distance for the Wi-Fi signal on a TELUS actiontec gateway is about 50 meters.
If the gateway is too far from the devices, a Wi-Fi booster might be required. Otherwise, relocating the gateway by contacting TELUS Support is recommended.

Note: TELUS does not offer Wi-Fi boosters at this time.

Other electrical appliances interfering with the Wi-Fi signal

Some devices may cause interference with your Wi-Fi signal when they are within close proximity of your modem. If possible, try removing or turning off potential sources of interference. You may want to relocate the following electronics away from your modem and Wi-Fi-connected devices:

Wireless security cameras
Cordless telephone base stations
Wireless speaker systems
Monitors and LCD displays

Other Wi-Fi network connections

The Wi-Fi signal might be degraded because of other wireless networks in the area. Wi-Fi signals work on different frequencies and different channels. Changing the Wi-Fi channel within the gateway/router that is different then the ones around you will stabilize the signal.

If the Wi-Fi connection still drops, contact TELUS in case you are using a TELUS modem/gateway. If you are using a router, contact the manufacturer for additional support.

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