TELUS Secure Business : Getting started

Information for getting started with the TELUS Secure Business system

Remember your password & keypad codes

For verification purposes, you will be required to provide a password for yourself and all contacts listed on your account. To reduce the risk of unnecessary false alarms, it is important that you and those who have access to your home remember the keypad code(s) programmed into your security system.

If you or your technician have programmed a duress code in your panel, it is important to remember this code and only use it in situations where you or those who have access to your home may be forced to operate your security panel against yours or their will.

Personal details and emergency contact information

In addition to your personal details, TELUS requires three emergency contacts listed on your account to ensure your home is protected and to verify whether an in-progress alarm is a true emergency or false alarm.

To manage your emergency contact information, log in to the SmartHome Security app or web portal. For full instructions on how to navigate to your emergency contacts, visit the page on how to manage emergency contact information.

If you prefer, you can contact us at 1-855-255-8828 to provide your emergency contact information.

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