TELUS Device Care

Costs and eligibility for TELUS Device Care

Device Care extends the manufacturer’s warranty for an additional two years and provides three year coverage for accidental damage.

Device Care provides protection against up to two incidents during a continuous 24-month period. It also includes premium service experience, peace of mind and next-day shipping of a replacement device.

Note: TELUS Device Care is once again available in Manitoba.

To check your Device Care coverage, you can check your status by visiting

How it works

You can buy TELUS Device Care within the first 60 days of purchasing, activating, or renewing your smartphone

Note: Device Care is available for all devices except Apple iPhone. iPhone owners can purchase AppleCare+ with a choice of monthly or upfront payment options.

What is covered

  • Provides coverage for accidental damage and extends manufacturer's warranty for two additional years

  • Provides protection against up to two damage incidents during a continuous 24-month period

  • Ability to file a claim over the phone or online and a replacement device is shipped to you the very next business day

What isn’t covered

  • A lost or stolen device

  • Changes or enhancements to your phone

  • Abuse, misuse, or intentional acts

  • Problems with the phone before your enrollment was in effect

  • Failure caused by computer viruses

  • Accessories

  • Any cosmetic damage

  • Manufactures defects during the first year, i.e. a device malfunction within first 12 months – this is covered at no cost through the standard TELUS repair program

For more details about TELUS Device Care , visit

What it costs

TELUS Device Care costs $9/month on your TELUS bill plus device dependent service replacement fees at the time of incident.

Service replacement fee schedule



MB Deductible



















Note: Taxes are additional, except in MB.

Eligible devices

Device Care covers all TELUS Mobility devices, except for the Apple iPhone (iPhone owners can purchase AppleCare+), tablets, aircards, CDMA devices, Smart Hubs, internet keys, and IDEM devices.

Eligible accessories

Standard accessories included in the original device packaging, if they are part of the loss to the covered device, such as standard battery, home charger, and SIM card.

How to purchase

Any TELUS customer can purchase Device Care at a TELUS Store either when activating or renewing a wireless device, or within 60 days of activating or renewing.

How to cancel

Monthly TELUS Device Care customers are able to cancel the feature whenever they want, either by having a sales representative cancelling it in-store or by calling TELUS Customer Care.


Device Care only covers the original device and subscriber at time of purchase and cannot be transferred between devices or subscribers.

Filing a service request

To file a service request a customer can, within 60 days of the incident occurring, either:

You will need the following information when filing a service request:

  • Phone number of the mobile device

  • IMEI number

  • Postal code

  • Device manufacturer and model (i.e. Samsung S6, Blackberry PRIV)

  • A credit card to pay the service replacement fee

Note: If your phone is lost or stolen, call TELUS immediately to suspend service and prevent unauthorized usage.

Receiving your replacement device

The replacement device will typically reach you within 24 hours of your request. It may take longer in certain remote locations of Canada.

What if I have an embedded SIM (eSIM) phone?

You will be provided with a new TELUS eSIM voucher along with the replacement device.

If your phone’s eSIM line is active on TELUS, you will need to download the new eSIM card on the phone and transfer the line from the old eSIM to the new eSIM using self-serve or by calling into TELUS.

Note: TELUS and its subsidiaries (“TELUS”) are not responsible for loss of carrier service as a result of an eSIM download wipe performed on any non-TELUS eSIM. If your phone’s eSIM line is currently active through a carrier other than TELUS, you are responsible for obtaining and downloading a new eSIM card from the carrier. You are responsible for any charges that your carrier may apply for a replacement eSIM card.

Manitoba residents only

The TELUS Device Care program in Manitoba is an insurance program (underwritten by Liberty Mutual Insurance Company) with different fees and terms. In Manitoba, the deductibles are $35, $125, $165, $250, $315 and $500. For complete details, see terms and conditions at

Additional Information

  • For more information, visit


  • Customer enrolled in Device Care between July 16, 2017 and Mar 21, 2018 will continue to carry current service terms and service charges except the program term would remain 24 months

  • Customer enrolled in Device Care before Jul 16, 2017 will continue to carry old terms and service replacement charges

  • Refer complete terms and conditions at

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