Set up your modem to use a static IP

Assign a static IP address and register your modem or Internet gateway device

1. Verify if a static IP is included in your TELUS Office Internet plan

The feature appears on:

  • Your TELUS Business service contract
  • Your most recent TELUS Business Internet bill under Plan details

If a static IP is not included, find how to add one to your TELUS Office Internet plan.

2. Generate a static IP and register your modem or gateway

Once you receive the order confirmation, contact us to register your modem/router’s MAC address and obtain a static IP.

Note 1: If MAC address is not registered, most clients will be assigned a dynamic IP by default. This will allow you to browse the internet. Certain locations will get 10.x IPs until the device is registered. These IP addresses will not allow you to browse.

Note 2: Static IP addresses are assigned by TELUS. You can’t hard code the information in the TCP/IP settings. Static IP addresses are location-dependent and are subject to change in the event of a move or network upgrade.

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