Reset Office Phone voicemail password

Office Phone voicemail password can be reset via Support Request

To reset your password, Contact Us or follow the steps below to submit a Support Request

  1. Open a Technical Support Request form 

The form can also be found in the Support Request section of your MyTELUS Overview page. Select Go to Support Request >Technical Support >Technical Support

2. Under Which account type is affected?, select Other Services

3. Under Select account number, choose the account number associated with your office phone

4. Under Which service does the issue relate to?, select Phone or Fax Line

5. Under Please include instructions which might help us, enter voicemail password reset

6. Under Add identifier number (optional), enter your phone number

7. Under Service address, provide the required information

8. Submit

Note: Support requests are treated within 24 to 48h (Monday - Friday)

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