Managed Guest WiFi


General Description

Managed Guest Wi-Fi is a managed solution consisting of a local area and wireless network, monitoring and security features and 24x7x365 support.

Managed Guest Wi-Fi includes the following:

a) Per-device connectivity providing up to 30 Mbps download bandwidth per device (where bandwidth is included with the service); b) A single network name for your end users' Wi-Fi access within private guest rooms, a lobby area and other select areas identified by you for up to four unique wireless networks at your location; c) A Splash Page and web page re-direct; d) Various application control options that allow the throttling of recreational applications such as peer-to-peer file sharing programs; and e) Wi-Fi site coverage to a single guest or end user authentication and connectivity within selected areas of your site.

For properties having up to 20 rooms optional features for Managed Guest Wi-Fi include:

a) Wi-Fi coverage for common areas with indoor and outdoor options.

For properties having more than 20 rooms optional features for Managed Guest Wi-Fi include:

a) Advanced Splash Page option with access code authentication and tiered Wi-Fi; b) Property Management System (PMS) integration; c) Wi-Fi coverage for common areas with indoor and outdoor options; d) Network security upgrade with malware protection and content filtering; e) Hardwired Internet connectivity to each guest room; and f) Higher density of access points (e.g. an access point per room for non-standard room types with or without wired internet options).

Statement of Work

We may prepare a statement of work (SOW) for your Managed Guest Wi-Fi service covering the implementation of the service or changes to the service requested by you after implementation. When so required by us, finalizing and signing an SOW will be a pre-requisite for implementation of the service. When signed by both parties the content of the SOW, including any customer responsibilities, will be deemed to be incorporated into and form part of this Agreement. In the event of a conflict or inconsistency between the Solution Details, General Terms or Service Terms of this Agreement, and an SOW, the former will prevail to the extent of the conflict or inconsistency.

Service Infrastructure

The equipment which we provide to you as part of your Managed Guest Wi-Fi service will remain our property and must be returned to us in working order upon service cancellation or expiry within thirty days or you will be charged a replacement fee based on the manufacturer’s then current on-line list price for the equipment (in Canadian dollars), or if the manufacturer no longer offers the equipment for sale, substantially similar equipment (the “Replacement Charge”). You are responsible for loss of or damage to the equipment, other than loss or damage caused by us, including payment of the Replacement Charge where we determine it is not commercially reasonable to repair the equipment.

You must provide the necessary space, cabinet, electrical power, light and security for switches and security appliances which we install at your service address and operate these devices in the manner specified by us or where not specified in accordance with the manufacturer’s product documentation.

Managed Guest Wi-Fi is configured and managed via a cloud infrastructure. You acknowledge that your service management data may be stored and accessed outside of Canada and may be subject to the laws of a foreign jurisdiction.

Once the equipment for your Managed Guest Wi-Fi service is installed you may not move the equipment without our prior written approval.

Service Charges

The Monthly Fixed Charge for your Managed Guest Wi-Fi service is based on a single building per site, with a minimum of ten rooms in a building. Where you have multiple buildings at a site we will price each building independently. For clarity, rooms cannot be combined across different buildings at a site for the purposes of calculating tiered pricing.

We calculate the Monthly Fixed Charge using either a standard room rate or a custom room rate. The standard room rate applies to a standard room which meets the following specifications:

The room consists of a single main space with a single adjoining bathroom (e.g. a studio style unit);
The area of the room does not exceed 500 square feet in total;
The room has wood framing with plain drywall finishing; and
The room does not contain any décor items that could interfere with signal transmission (e.g. no large sculptures, dense wall coverings/art, glass partitions).
For a room other than a standard room we will determine a custom room rate based on the features of the room. We will provide you with the custom rate and obtain your approval prior to proceeding with implementation.


In using your Managed Guest Wi-Fi service, you are responsible for complying with, and insuring your end users comply with, our Acceptable Use Policy at A version of the Acceptable Use Policy will be available to end users through a Splash Page prior to accessing the Wi-Fi network.

We may without notice or liability modify or restrict network settings to enforce the terms of this Agreement, comply with any laws or regulations, respond to any allegation of illegal conduct or claimed violation of third party rights, or protect TELUS or others from liability.

Internet Access Service

High speed Internet access service is a pre-requisite for Managed Guest Wi-Fi. The availability of TELUS HSIA service is based on TELUS’ broadband build coverage. Not all service addresses qualify for TELUS HSIA service, with final determination to be made by us during the time of install. Should your service address not qualify for TELUS HSIA service, or if we determine that delivering TELUS HSIA service to your service address is not commercially reasonable, we will notify you. You will then have the option to obtain high speed Internet access service from another service provider. We will advise you as to any required specifications for the third party high speed Internet access service, including minimum bandwidth requirements and locations. Any issues with the third party high speed Internet access service will be solely your responsibility for resolving with your service provider. You must notify us of any scheduled maintenance that may affect the availability of your third party high speed Internet access service. Where your service address does not qualify for TELUS HSIA service and you are unable to obtain high speed Internet access service from another provider which meets the required specifications we will cancel your Managed Guest Wi-Fi service without any cancellation charges.

Additional Services

Managed Guest Wi-Fi includes the following additional services which are available for an additional charge:

Optional FeatureDescription
Post-Installation Optimization SurveyAn on-site active survey detailing RF coverage, signal strength and network health
RADIUS AuthenticationA network protocol enabling central user authentication
Inside Cabling AssistanceThe identification and installation of in-building cabling required to provide the service
High AvailabilityThe implementation and configuration of two identical hardware devices, one which functions asa primary and the other which functions as an active standby
Additional SSIDsThe implementation of additional public and/or private Wi-Fi networks configured for either medium or high density environments (beyond the included 4)
Project Management ServicesAdditional project management services to support change requests or custom deployments initiated by you

Remote Monitoring and Incident Response

Remote monitoring is included as part of your Managed Guest Wi-Fi service. Monitored items include usage, device performance and security related events. The service also includes read only access to a monitoring dashboard for your administrator(s). We provide no assurances that the remote monitoring system will detect all device unavailability situations or other service incidents. Should the remote monitoring system detect a monitored incident, including where a device becomes unavailable for use, the system will trigger an alert for us to open a trouble ticket. When we open a trouble ticket for an incident we will classify the ticket with the severity level identified below and the following Response Times will apply:

*A Business Hour is an hour between 9am to 5pm local time Monday to Friday, excluding statutory holidays.

While we will make reasonable efforts to meet the Response Times in the above Table, failure to do so will not result in any credit or refund by us and will not constitute a breach by us of this Agreement.


Remote and on-site support is included as part of your Managed Guest Wi-Fi service. We provide remote support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on a reasonable efforts basis through our Services Help Desk. We provide on-site support during business hours for sites where we have provided and installed equipment or cabling. Prior to us providing on-site support we may ask you to perform basic site and service checks to help determine the issue. Assistance does not cover issues related to services, equipment, software, facilities or cabling which are not provided by us. We will make reasonable efforts to provide parts and on-site services by the next business day provided the defective equipment is verified before 3:00 pm local time and the service address is within a major centre or a reasonable distance from a major centre. Should verification of the defective hardware occur after 3:00 pm local time on a business day then we will make reasonable efforts to provide parts and on-site services by the second business day following verification.

Additional charges may apply where the service issue has been caused by you or your end user or relates to services, equipment, software, facilities or cabling which are not provided by us, or for non-standard support requests as determined by us. We will advise you that an additional charge applies prior to proceeding with the requested support.

We review software updates and upgrades released by the equipment manufacturer and implement those updates and upgrades which we consider necessary.

From time to time during the service period we may perform maintenance to TELUS facilities and platforms used to provide your Managed Guest Wi-Fi service which may result in temporary service disruptions. Where the activity is scheduled we will make reasonable efforts to inform you via email notification.

Service Level Objectives

The table below outlines our service level objectives (SLOs) for Managed Guest Wi-Fi. While we will make reasonable efforts to meet these SLOs, failure to do so will not result in any credit or refund by us and will not constitute a breach by us of this Agreement.

Premise EquipmentMean Time to Repair (MTTR)Next Business Day*
Standard Service RequestsReponses4 Business Hours**
Standard Service RequestsService Request Completion90% completed by end of Business Hours** on the Business Day following submission of the request
Dashboard AvailabilityAvailable Schedule7x24 including holidays
Dashboard AvailabilityAvailable Target99.9%

*A Business Day is a day from Monday to Friday excluding statutory holidays
**A Business Hour is an hour between 9am to 5pm local time on a Business Day

Service Renewal

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary stated in the General Terms, your Managed Guest Wi-Fi service will terminate on the last day of your service period. If you wish to continue your service, you must provide us with written notice of renewal at least ninety days prior to the expiry of your service period. In such a case you may need to sign a new contract for the service.


Managed Guest Wi-Fi utilizes radio waves which are subject to factors impacting signal availability and quality out of our control. Therefore we do not guarantee timely, secure, error free or uninterrupted service, bandwidth per device or that your end users will be able to receive or to transmit data or materials.

Service Cancellation Charges

When your Managed Guest Wi-Fi service is cancelled prior to the expiry of the service period, we calculate the service cancellation charge using the table below based on the service period you selected. The service cancellation charge is a percentage of the total fixed monthly charges remaining in the service period after cancellation.

Contracted Service Period (months)% of fixed monthly charges for remaining service period
0 – 24 months100%
25 – 60 months50%

We may, at our discretion, waive the service cancellation charge if you replace the cancelled service with a TELUS service where the value of the replacement TELUS service is greater than the value of the cancelled service.

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