Local Business Lines Service Terms

The terms in this section, called the “service terms”, apply to a group of services or a specific service within a group.

1.0 Exchange Services

The following service terms apply to all Exchange Services.

1.1 General Description

Exchange Services is a group of services offered by TELUS that enable you to make and receive voice and data calls using your communications equipment and systems. These services provide connections to TELUS’ telephone exchanges and network, and access to the public switched telephone network, called the “PSTN”.

1.2 Charges

Long Distance

Long distance service is not included with the Exchange Services. If you make long distance calls using your Exchange Service, your long distance service provider charges will apply. If you use TELUS long distance service and have not signed a TELUS long distance service agreement, the general terms at www.telus.com/LDServiceTerms and TELUS’ standard charges will apply to your use of TELUS long distance service.

Additional Charges The charges in the Service Charges table do not include charges that TELUS is required to bill and collect by law, such as message relay surcharges, 9-1-1 charges, or local calling area expansion charges.

1.3 Features and Conditions


We will send you an email message when the Exchange Service is ready to install at a service location. You must make sure the email address you provide to us for this purpose is correct and able to receive email. If:

a) you do not provide us with the necessary access to the service location in order to install the Exchange Service within 6 months from the date we send you the email message, or
b) you ask us to delay or do not allow us to install the Exchange Service at the service location for longer than 6 months from the date we send you the email message,

TELUS has the right to cancel the Exchange Service at that service location. You will be required to pay cancellation charges for this Exchange Service.

Directory Listings

Some Exchange Services include a directory listing. If a mistake is made in your directory listing, TELUS must correct the listing in the next directory, and reimburse you for charges you pay for a premium directory listing until the next directory is published, up to a maximum of 12 months of charges. TELUS will not be obligated to pay any other compensation and will have no other liability to you for mistakes made related to your directory listing.

Telephone Numbers

TELUS may assign a telephone number for your use with an Exchange Service. You will not own or have property rights or any other rights in the telephone numbers assigned for your use with any services. TELUS may change a telephone number assigned to you if we have reasonable grounds for changing it. If you change your service location, we may need to assign a new telephone number to you.

TELUS will not be liable for any costs, damages, or other amounts resulting from changes to telephone numbers.

9-1-1 Calls

When a call is made to the emergency telephone number 9-1-1, TELUS sends location information to the 9-1-1 operator. However, this information may not accurately identify the actual location of the caller, especially If you have made or requested changes to the name or number displayed for calls made at your service location. Therefore, when a call is made to 9-1-1, the caller must provide the 9-1-1 operator with the correct address of the emergency. If someone uses an Exchange Service at your service location to make a call to 9-1-1 and does not or cannot provide this information, emergency services may be dispatched to the wrong location, and compensation may be claimed from TELUS. You will be responsible and liable to TELUS for all loss and liability sustained by TELUS relating to that claim.

1.4 Confidentiality

Unlisted Numbers

You acknowledge that when anyone uses an Exchange Service at your service location to make a call to someone with a call display service, the telephone number may be displayed, even if it is unlisted. TELUS may also use that telephone number for call trace service. Our commitment in this agreement to keep your information confidential does not limit the display or use of the telephone number in these circumstances.

1.5 Local Business Line Service

The service terms in this subsection apply only to Local Business Line Service, which is an Exchange Service.

General Description

Local Business Line Service provides you with one or more analog connections, called “business lines”, from your telephone equipment and systems to the TELUS network. Each business line enables access to the PSTN. The service ends at a single point at your service location or, if your service location is within a multi-occupant building or campus, at a point within that building or campus where our equipment and communications connections are located.

The service includes:

(a) one telephone number for each business line,
(b) one directory listing for each individual business line and for each multi-line group of business lines,
(c) free local calling in the service location area.


A minimum number of business lines is specified as your “Service Commitment” in the Service Charge] table. If you ask us to remove any business lines and the actual number of business lines installed for your use in any monthly billing period is less than the minimum number, you must pay for the difference at the Service Charges charge in the Service Charges table. This charge is in addition to the monthly charge for the actual number of business lines installed for your use. This requirement will not apply to the first monthly billing period after your Local Business Line Service is installed.

Service Cancellation Charges

When your Local Business Line Service is cancelled, TELUS calculates the service cancellation charge using the table below, based on the service period you selected, the service cancellation charge is a percentage of the total service charges for your Service Commitment remaining in the service period after cancellation.

| Contracted Service Period (months) | % of fixed monthly charges for remaining service period |
| 0 – 24 months | 100% |
| 25 – 60 months | 50% |
TELUS will waive the service cancellation charge if you replace the cancelled service with another TELUS service with total service charges greater than the total service charges for your Service Commitment remaining in the service period for the Local Business Line Service after cancellation.

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