Descriptive Video

How to turn on the descriptive video service in your Optik programming.

There are two ways to access Descriptive Video: via a quick access method using the remote or via the main menu.

Temporarily use descriptive video:

  1. Select the Options button on your remote
  2. Select Audio languages
  3. Select Descriptive Video


  • This setting will only appear if the program in question has a Descriptive Video Audio track
  • This method is not permanent and your set top box will revert to non-descriptive video audio the next time it is turned off then on

Permanently use descriptive video:

  1. Select Menu button on your remote
  2. Scroll to and select Settings and press OK
  3. Scroll to and select Audio and press OK
  4. Select Audio Language and press OK
  5. Select Descriptive Video and press OK
  6. Select Save and press OK
  7. Select Exit to return to your TV

Note: if you have set the descriptive video to on in the menu and want to turn Descriptive video off temporarily follow the quick method above:

  1. Select the Options button on the remote
  2. Select Audio Languages
  3. Select English

Descriptive video will be turned off until the next time the STB is powered on or the above steps are redone.

Note: Currently only a limited number of programs have Described video. To find out which programs have a descriptive video audio track on now and up to 5 days into the future go to:

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