Using your smartphone with Conferencing on Demand

FAQs: Conferencing on Demand from your smartphone

Q1 If I call from my wireless device is it free?
There are no additional toll free charges but call made from a wireless device will use minutes from your wireless voice plan.

Q2. If I am roaming in the USA and using my mobile device to call the Audio Conferencing Toll free number, will I be charged roaming?
Yes. You will use roaming minutes as per your wireless voice plan. You will not incur additional charges for using the audio conferencing bridge.

Q3. If I call the Audio Conference Bridge from a landline is it free?
Yes. There will be no additional charges for land line calls.

Q4. If I am in Travelling in the USA and I don’t want to use my mobile device and call from my hotel landline; is it free?
There will be no long distance charges for using the audio conferencing bridge but you may incur usage charges according to the hotel policy.

Q5. Is there a toll free international bridge?
No. This package does not have international dialling. To call in from an international origin, the caller must dial one of the local numbers to participate in the meeting and pay the associated Long Distance charges.

Q6. TELUS is offering 3, 5 and 10 bridge subscriptions. What if I need a different number of bridges?
The Customer may order Conference on Demand in any combination of those bundles. For example: 2 x 3 bridges for 6 bridges; or (3) + (5) for 8 bridges. Pricing is fixed based on the amounts shown. The Customer must have a separate mobile phone number to add multiples of the same bundle. If the bundles are different the billing maybe applied to a single phone number.

Q7. Can I remove a single bridge from my subscription of 3?
No. Adds and deletes have to be done in the fixed quantities described (3, 5 or 10).

Q8. From my mobile phone does it use my voice minutes.
Yes, however different plans will specify how minutes are used. E.g. Voice plans with 500 national minutes will draw down as per normal usage. Unlimited plans will not draw into chargeable voice minutes.

Q9. Who do I contact when I have technical questions?
For Technical support please direct your Customer to call: 1-877-944-6338

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