Check your device warranty

Easily access your mobile device's warranty status with the My TELUS app.

  1. Launch the My TELUS App on your device

  2. Select Plans & Devices

    My TELUS App - Plans & Devices
  3. Select Device

    My TELUS App - Device tab
  4. You can view a summary your device warranties in the Device Protection section, including the type of warranty (TELUS Device Care, AppleCare+, Manufacturer, etc.) as well as the start and end date of your coverage

    My TELUS App - Device Protection

    Note: Any expired device warranties will also be listed in this section

  5. Select View details for a more detailed breakdown of your warranty coverage

    My TELUS App - Device Protection - View DetailsMy TELUS App - Device Protection details

Note: You can also learn more about your device repair options be selecting Need a repair? to locate a nearby TELUS store for assistance.

My TELUS App - Need a repair

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